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Fireball whiskey being recalled because of Ebola/Antifreeze?

29th October 2014
Rumours about popular whiskey Fireball being recalled are spreading across the Internet, many are claiming that Fireball is infected with the Ebola virus, others claim Fireball contains antifreeze. It is true that Fireball Whiskey more

3 Things we should learn from the nude celebrity photo scandal

28th October 2014
As the celebrity photo hacking scandal, dubbed by some as the fappening, seems to be drawing to a close, we’re sure many in celebdom will be breathing a sigh of relief. In its wake the scandal has left plenty of embarra more

NASA confirms 6 days of darkness?

27th October 2014
Rumours are spreading on the Internet that space agency NASA have confirmed that Earth will experience 6 days of total darkness in December 2014. The report states – NASA has confirmed that the Earth wil more

Morrisons force 89 year old poppy collector outside?

27th October 2014
Did Morrisons force an 89 year old veteran to collect poppies outside? Rumours are spreading that popular UK supermarket Morrisons forced an elderly Royal British Legion poppy collector outside a store in Taunton. more

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Man sues Red Bull because it didn’t give him wings?

9 Oct 2014
Rumours are circulating across the Internet that a man is suing energy drink manufacturer Red Bull because despite the claims made in their advertising material, he did not grow wings. The rumours are false and are the result of a real class more

Are 2014 Federal Tax Refunds being delayed until October 2015?

7 Oct 2014
Rumours are spreading that claim tax refunds in the US are to be delayed by the IRS until at least October 2015. The story is false, and just another fabricated story from serial nonsense-starter The National Report, a website that deals more

Muslims get the UK to ban sniffer dogs?

1 Oct 2014
Rumours are spreading across social media that Muslims have managed to get UK security forces to stop using sniffer dogs at airports and train stations, or that they are campaigning against sniffer dogs because it “offends them”. This seems more

Are KFC banning alcohol-infused wipes?

29 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating social media that assert popular fried chicken franchise KFC are refusing to sell hand wipes that contain ethanol as alcohol is prohibited by their Halal-only policy. The reports originate from an incident more

ISIS knocking on doors and marking Christian houses

26 Sep 2014
Warnings (below) are spreading that claim terror group ISIS are going around suburbs knocking on doors in a bid to “mark” Christian houses. These warnings assert that the Islamic extremists are posing as charity workers, carrying black books more