Criminal flouts stolen clothes on own public Facebook profile

We have another challenger for the title of most inept criminal caught using social media this week, courtesy of a report on Independent Online. According to the report, Fatuma Phiri, a domestic helper living in Tembisa in South Africa, decided to help herself to the clothes of her employer, even including the employer’s wedding dress. […]


ISIS scammed out of over $3000 by three women

Reports from the Russian province of Chechnya have claimed that three women scammed terrorist group ISIS out of more than £1900 ($3000 USD) through an online con resembling an advance fee fraud scam. Islamic State, popularly known as ISIS, are notorious for their attempts to recruit people from Western countries to join their extremist group, […]


Be aware of Windows 10 ransomware emails

With Microsoft’s release of their latest operating system, Windows 10, the security industry have been on tenterhooks awaiting the surge of Windows 10 related scams to begin hitting the Internet. And that they have, with a large email spamming campaign hitting inboxes across the world appearing to come from Microsoft informing the recipient that they […]

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