5 disastrous social media PR blunders

When it comes to all the Internet mishaps out there, the social media PR faux pas is often the most entertaining, and as soon as it’s out there, it’s already too late. In one specific way, social media customer service is kind of like working for the CIA. Your successes mostly go unnoticed. Your blunders, […]


Sherman Hemsley, a.k.a. George Jefferson actually died in 2012

Actor Sherman Hemsley, most noted for playing George Jefferson in popular TV show The Jeffersons, appears to have passed away for a second time, according to Twitter. Hemsley actually passed away in July 2012, 3 years from the date of this article. But today Twitter has been flooded with condolences from people apparently unaware of […]


US political advert accidentally includes digitally altered photo

A republican advert supporting Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and criticising Barack Obama’s links to the Iranian government accidentally included a digitally manipulated image of the president and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani shaking hands, this week. The advert – created by a group called Restoration PAC – ran in the Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay areas […]

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