Best Internet Security Suites for 2014

There are several questions that our experts get asked by our readers time and time again – and one of those is what Internet security software do we recommend.

NOTE: Wow, it’s almost 2015 now! Yes, this article is old now and we’ve updated it here.

We always recommend at least one Internet security suite for the upcoming year – and that is always the same security software we run on our own machines.

So what Internet security suite do we recommend for 2014?

2013 saw us recommend BitDefender Total Security and this year we’re sticking to the latest version of the same program which, for the 2nd year running, has proven to be one of the most reliable, user friendly and best quality security programs on the market. So this year we are recommending the latest edition of BitDefender Total Security as our best Internet security suite for 2014.

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Our Full Review

We always recommend that users who do not feel comfortable being able to identify the hundreds of different types of online scams out there in cyberspace always have an up-to-date, reliable antivirus installed on their computer at all times.

Security software is never 100% effective. There are always ways for scammers to bypass security software and trick users into installing malware onto their computers. So we always recommend our readers educate themselves about the different scams out there is cyberspace. With that said, having quality, reliable security software installed is a great way to help keep your computer malware-free.

Total Security 2014 edition is the latest all-round protection from award winning security firm BitDefender. Over the last few years BitDefender have cemented their reputation as being on the leading suppliers of home-based security software.

The Antivirus

BitDefender Total Security is a complete security suite with a massive array of tools to make sure you keep your computer completely safe. Firstly we’ll start with the main feature that any security suite will have and that is the antivirus component. BitDefender allows users to perform a full system scan (recommended on installation) and quicker scans that check the “usual suspects” for any dangerous activity.

Be prepared for the initial full system scan to take some time, especially if you have lots of information on your computer. Total Security isn’t slow, but there are faster competitors in this area. However Total Security is efficient, and it’s detection rates well into the high 90% on test runs. This makes it one of the leading packages when it comes to detecting and quarantining dangerous files.

The Firewall

The firewall providing by Total Security is robust and monitors traffic traveling to and from your computer and the Internet, looking for threats. Many firewalls can be quite intrusive, often badgering the user with pop-ups and questions, but the default level for the firewall works quietly and efficiently in the background. If you prefer Windows Firewall then this feature can be disabled easily enough.


Social media protection in action!

Social Media and Search Engine Protection

One of the best things about Total Security 2014 is that is shows BitDefender is continuing to adapt with the changing times and Internet habits of its users, and the company are placing increased importance in the role of protecting users when using social media or search engines. This in most cases means using a pre-emptive web-based scanner to detect threats from links posted on social media sites like Facebook or search engines like Google.

If it detected a threat you’ll see via a red X placed by the link. Accessing the site will also produce a warning message. Great for those who use sites like Facebook and Twitter regularly.

SafePay for Online Bankers/PayPal Users

An improved feature is the SafePay browser that is aimed at providing an extra layer of security for those who use online banking sites and PayPal. SafePay is a secure browser that is completely disconnected from other processes working on a computer. This means no lurking malware can access your financial information. It also provides a virtual keyboard to protect against keysniffing malware. This ensures that your online bank accounts are as safe as they can be.

This also includes a brand new feature called BitDefender Wallet which is a great little Password Manager, that allows you to keep track of your passwords in a safe environment. This program is optional and is likely to be improved in future versions of the software.

Extra Features

There are tons of extra features that really make BitDefender stand out from the crowd. This includes a file encryption program for those important files you can’t risk anyone else seeing, and a file shredder to make sure that a deleted file stays deleted. Anti-phishing and Anti-identity theft make sure you don’t fall into the hands of those online predators and online storage provides a adequate method of storing important files on the web securely.

Autopilot mode is certainly appealing to many users as it ensures the security software will only bother you when it’s very important (hopefully hardly ever, then) and photon technology will stop the software from having too much of an impact on computer performance, especially as future scans adapt to your PCs environment to become more efficient.

Overall BitDefender Total Security is another massive step in the direction of the perfect security suite, progressing nicely from their 2013 edition. It’s a comprehensive array of tools that all score highly on the user friendly and quality aspects. There aren’t many solutions that are as thorough and comprehensive as Bitdefender Total Security and still provide the same level of protection, which is why we recommend it to our readers and also use it on our own machines as well!

“Great results in independent tests. Accurate spam and phishing protection. Tough, no-hassle firewall. Full-scale parental control” – PCMag

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    Internet security has become a hottest topic for IT experts because it is hazardous for both webmasters and internet users. Time to time, hackers attack with different kind of approach and it is indeed hard to be completely prepared from all such attacks.

    Well, to protect your website from some common vulnerabilities webmasters must use appropriate security plugins within their website. Similarly, internet users should also use sort of reliable antivirus.

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