BMW Giveaway Pages and Events are Scams


Various Facebook pages, posts and events claiming to offer free BMW cars have sprung up over the last week or so luring users with the promise of a free car.

In what appears to be a co-ordinated spam campaign on Facebook, spammers have created multiple pages and posts that purport to give users a chance of winning a brand new BMW just for either liking or sharing a post or inviting your friends to a Facebook event.


An example post for a fake BMW prize giveaway.


Another example

Such types of spam have been prevalent over Facebook for a number of years, offering various products such as iPhones, Ipads, supermarket vouchers and gift certificates, just for sharing a post or event around Facebook.

They are hardly ever legitimate, and the fake giveaways are very easy to spot. But this hasn’t stopped users sharing this type of hoax to their friends because it might be true.

As we have explained time and time again, these hoaxes can potentially have a very sinister side to them, even though they may appear harmless.

Spreading this type of hoax across Facebook helps scammers accumulate fans for like-farming pages, which can then be used to initiate more harmful scams, such as survey scams and identity fraud.

Facebook users are advised to avoid sharing such fake giveaways, including offers that claim to provide a chance to win a BMW car.

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