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The following are Facebook related articles located on the older section of our website. They are all still active.

Man sues Red Bull because it didnít give him wings?
added on 9 Oct 2014

Are 2014 Federal Tax Refunds being delayed until October 2015?
added on 7 Oct 2014

Muslims get the UK to ban sniffer dogs?
added on 1 Oct 2014

Are KFC banning alcohol-infused wipes?
added on 29 Sep 2014

ISIS knocking on doors and marking Christian houses
added on 26 Sep 2014

Design flaw causes iPhone 6 Plus to bend?
added on 24 Sep 2014

White powder used to kill dogs?
added on 21 Sep 2014

Eminem quitting music after going to rehab?
added on 14 Sep 2014

FDA finds Coors Light has cocaine in it?
added on 11 Sep 2014

Are Muslims against Peppa Pig?
added on 9 Sep 2014

Officer Darren Wilson injured eye socket image
added on 4 Sep 2014

0809 Premium Rate scam warning
added on 29 Aug 2014

George Zimmerman arrested in Ferguson
added on 25 Aug 2014

Facebook Drug Task Force rumour
added on 21 Aug 2014

Mley Cyrus found dead in LA home links
added on 21 Aug 2014

Robin Williams Leaked Suicide Footage Messages
added on 19 Aug 2014

Robin Williams Goodbye Phone Video Call message
added on 15 Aug 2014

Islamic jihadist announces wedding to 7 year old?
added on 13 Aug 2014

NYPD officer kills baby following breastfeeding argument
added on 10 Aug 2014

Hulk Hogan shot in the head?
added on 8 Aug 2014

Rumour - Japanese Whaling Crew Eaten Alive By Killer Whales, 16 Dead
added on 30 Jul 2014

George Bush arrested for cocaine possession rumour
added on 27 Jul 2014

Jim Parsons quitting Big Bang Theory
added on 24 Jul 2014

Video of MH17 crashing into ground video
added on 21 Jul 2014

The Facebook Purge messages
added on 17 Jul 2014

Costco banning book America: Imagine the World Without Her because it criticizes Obama?
added on 8 Jul 2014

Dove Shampoo Government warning links
added on 3 Jul 2014

Larvae infestation in breast
added on 1 Jul 2014

China selling human feet as food?
added on 30 Jun 2014

"Shocking! Obama Announces New World Order 2014 Speech" Video DEBUNKED
added on 23 Jun 2014

Baby Vote run by paedophile ring rumours
added on 18 Jun 2014

James Hetfield hunting brown bear picture
added on 13 Jun 2014

Game of Thrones cancelled after season 4 rumour
added on 11 Jun 2014

1 in 3 Americans implanted with RFID Chip?
added on 11 Jun 2014

Facebook removing house covered with England flags?
added on 9 Jun 2014

Dog treats from Poundland contain poison warning
added on 5 Jun 2014

Walmart Sandals cause severe blistering
added on 4 Jun 2014

Army bases only serving 2 meals a day?
added on 2 Jun 2014

Coal miner stuck underground for 17 years message
added on 19 May 2014

Video playing ads take up huge data warning
added on 14 May 2014

Illegal Immigrants receive more benefits than pensioners rumour
added on 13 May 2014

Did "Shovel Girl" die from her injuries?
added on 8 May 2014

Jockey accidentally euthanized after breaking leg at Kentucky Derby link
added on 6 May 2014

Subway removing pork products from shops
added on 30 Apr 2014

Busted Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS Video
added on 29 Apr 2014

Dog thieves in white vans
added on 23 Apr 2014

Do McDonalds use worm meat in their products?
added on 18 Apr 2014

Baby with cuts on face photo
added on 16 Apr 2014

US Airways and the inappropriate/obscene tweet.
added on 14 Apr 2014

This is a Test Facebook message
added on 10 Apr 2014

Dwayne Johnson Died Filming a Stunt
added on 6 Apr 2014

[SHOCKING VIDEO] Flight MH370 FOUND in Indian Ocean Image
added on 2 Apr 2014

Bull Sperm Found in Energy Drinks?
added on 1 Apr 2014

Zero Gravity Day on April 4th?
added on 30 Mar 2014

Have scientists really cloned a dinosaur?
added on 30 Mar 2014

Facebook Hacker Attention message
added on 27 Mar 2014

Video of girl throwing puppies in river.
added on 25 Mar 2014

MH370 Malaysian Flight crashed in forest photo
added on 23 Mar 2014

Gemma Sheridans SOS Sign Spotted from Google Earth?
added on 19 Mar 2014

UFO behind clouds video
added on 18 Mar 2014

Wayne Knight Trailer Tractor Accident Rumour
added on 16 Mar 2014

Lose Yourself Spooky Malaysian Airlines Advert
added on 16 Mar 2014

Guide dog Daisy leads 967 people from World Trade Center
added on 13 Mar 2014

Malaysian MH370 Flight found in Bermuda Triangle messages
added on 13 Mar 2014

Lion and Zebra Drinking Side by Side
added on 12 Mar 2014

Snow Snake found in Ohio and Pennsylvania
added on 4 Mar 2014

No Swearing Campaign on Facebook Message
added on 3 Mar 2014

WhatsApp Charging Fee for Users?
added on 25 Feb 2014

Facebook and CNN donate money for shares?
added on 13 Feb 2014

0809 Area Code Scam
added on 11 Feb 2014

Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi Rumour
added on 10 Feb 2014

Superbowl XLVIII Rigged and Under Investigation?
added on 3 Feb 2014

Home pregnancy kits and testicular cancer
added on 27 Jan 2014

Whale slaughters in Faroe Islands
added on 23 Jan 2014

PayPal Skye Payment warning
added on 22 Jan 2014

Must Be Mexican Burger King sign
added on 17 Jan 2014

Attempted child abduction in LEGOLAND warning
added on 16 Jan 2014

Giant Squid Photo in California
added on 12 Jan 2014

Block "Security" Users in Account Settings Message
added on 9 Jan 2014

Michael Jackson body discovered at Neverland rumour
added on 6 Jan 2014

Facebook user must be active 3 times per month warning
added on 30 Dec 2013

Justin Bieber Beached Whale Comment
added on 22 Dec 2013

Centrelink Mobile App and Permissions Warning
added on 17 Dec 2013

Julia Gillard and Muslims must adapt quote
added on 12 Dec 2013

Broadmeadows Shopping Centre Banned Christmas?
added on 10 Dec 2013

Damian, the PS4 and the letter to Santa
added on 9 Dec 2013

Plane Crashes at Beach Video
added on 7 Dec 2013

Paul Walker Before and After Graphic Injury Photos
added on 1 Dec 2013

Snake consumes drunk man photo
added on 28 Nov 2013

Do they eat babies in China?
added on 27 Nov 2013

New Known Spider in Australia Picture
added on 26 Nov 2013

Shari Law Controlled Zones in Britain
added on 22 Nov 2013

Did Samsung pay Apple a billion dollars in nickels?
added on 20 Nov 2013

Hunting Elephant Photo
added on 14 Nov 2013

President Obama and the Islamic Prayer Curtain
added on 14 Nov 2013

Chinese man sues wife over plastic surgery secret
added on 8 Nov 2013

Huggies Snug and Dry nappies causing chemical burns warning
added on 5 Nov 2013

Christmas is banned because it offends minorities newspaper headline
added on 3 Nov 2013

APA Classifies Paedophilia as Sexual Orientation?
added on 1 Nov 2013

Marks and Spencers only donating 3% of poppy sales?
added on 1 Nov 2013

Amy Hamilton Missing Person Poster
added on 23 Oct 2013

Barry Soetoro Columbia University ID Image
added on 15 Oct 2013

Facebook removing photos of veteran amputees
added on 14 Oct 2013

Help Burnt Baby Alexandra Photo
added on 14 Oct 2013

Krokodil Drug the Flesh Eating Epidemic
added on 13 Oct 2013

Illegal Immigrants Affording Tax Breaks for Crossing Border?
added on 9 Oct 2013

The Courier Delivering Wine Scam
added on 26 Sep 2013

Veterans and Legion Members Banned from Target Canada Stores
added on 25 Sep 2013

Salvation Army Says Homosexuals Should be Put to Death?
added on 24 Sep 2013

Spam Friend Requests Targeting Accounts with Children
added on 24 Sep 2013

Stories About Washington Navy Yard Shooter Released a Day Early
added on 17 Sep 2013

Dog Tasered and Shot by Police Officers
added on 17 Sep 2013

One Direction Fan Kills Her Dog Over Twitter Rejection
added on 13 Sep 2013

Peepal Leaves Used to Charge Mobile Cell Phones
added on 10 Sep 2013

Russian Booksellers are Child Abductors
added on 5 Sep 2013

Child with Skin Cancer Facebook Photo
added on 3 Sep 2013

Asian Yob Attacks 2 Month old Baby Story
added on 2 Sep 2013

Cell Phone Numbers About to Go Public?
added on 27 Aug 2013

Woman Holding a Gun to Childs Head Photo
added on 22 Aug 2013

Dog Called Jake Killed by Poison Laced Nerf Ball
added on 20 Aug 2013

Letter Sent to Mother of an Autistic Child
added on 19 Aug 2013

Flight 297 and the Muslim Passengers
added on 18 Aug 2013

Cell Phone Pictures Contain Meta EXIF Location Information Warning
added on 13 Aug 2013

Lawful Interception Recovery Fee from AT&T
added on 13 Aug 2013

Bieber Spits at Fans from Balcony Image
added on 5 Aug 2013

McDonalds, Jamie Oliver and Ammonia Hydroxide
added on 5 Aug 2013

Facebook Deleting Too Conservative Content
added on 24 Jul 2013

Music Celebrities Cancel Tours in Florida
added on 22 Jul 2013

Picture of Dog with Burnt Paws
added on 17 Jul 2013

Photo of a Disfigured Girl Facebook Virus Warning
added on 17 Jul 2013

Zimmerman Martin Protest at Golden Gate Bridge Photo
added on 15 Jul 2013

Obama Cancels 4th July for US Troops
added on 3 Jul 2013

Drinking Water Before Meals, Baths and Bed Improves Health
added on 25 Jun 2013

Back Seat Attacker and Gas Attendant Warning
added on 18 Jun 2013

Dialling 90# Scam Warning
added on 17 Jun 2013

Victims Drugged and Kidneys Stolen Hoax
added on 16 Jun 2013

Gang Initiation Targets Cars that Flash Headlights Warning
added on 12 Jun 2013

Giant Snake Kills Egyption Divers Photo
added on 10 Jun 2013

Giant 700lb Snake and Digger Photo
added on 9 Jun 2013

CNN and Facebook Donate Money to Boy Pierced with Metal Pole Photo
added on 2 Jun 2013

Baby Dumped in National Park Photo
added on 29 May 2013

Mermaid Caught on Camera?
added on 29 May 2013

Account Temporarily Locked because of Malware Warning
added on 28 May 2013

CNN and Facebook Donating Money per Shares Rumour
added on 28 May 2013

Morrisons Supermarket Banning Staff Wearing Poppies?
added on 27 May 2013

6 Inch Humanoid Creature Called Ata, Movie Sirius
added on 21 May 2013

Heineken Sponsoring Dog Fighting Photo
added on 12 May 2013

Online Criminals Stealing and Photoshopping Images from Social Media
added on 11 May 2013

Baby in Car Accident Photo
added on 10 May 2013

Half Cat Caught on Google Street View?
added on 9 May 2013