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Facebook related rumours. Page 2

The following are Facebook related articles located on the older section of our website. Page 2. They are all still active.

Facebook Pages Stealing Private Baby Photos Rumour
added on 8 May 2013

False Widow Spider in the UK
added on 1 May 2013

Facebook Playing Video Ads Every Ten Minutes?
added on 29 Apr 2013

CraigsList VOID Check Photo
added on 23 Apr 2013

Dell Schanze and Dog Fighting Rumour
added on 22 Apr 2013

Madeline McCann Found in New Zealand?
added on 16 Apr 2013

Dog Thrown Off Roof Video
added on 14 Apr 2013

Muslims Exempt from UK Bedroom Tax for Prayer Room
added on 7 Apr 2013

Insect Mosquito Spy Drone Photo
added on 3 Apr 2013

Boy Bullied for Liking One Direction Image
added on 2 Apr 2013

Facebook Donate Money to Starving Children for Shares?
added on 1 Apr 2013

Gun Criminals Tagging Cars with Stickers?
added on 25 Mar 2013

Dead Baby used to Smuggle Drugs Past Customs
added on 21 Mar 2013

Jamie Ballbagzz Facebook Message
added on 19 Mar 2013

Angolan Witch Spider Image
added on 17 Mar 2013

TV licensing Loophole Involves Withdrawing Implied Right to Access?
added on 14 Mar 2013

KFC use Genetically Manipulated Organisms Warning
added on 12 Mar 2013

Dog Fighting Rings use Coloured Stickers/Ribbons to Identify Houses
added on 4 Mar 2013

Sgt. Craig Pusley Facebook Message
added on 26 Feb 2013

Talking Angela App Warning
added on 25 Feb 2013

Denzel Washington Brook Medical Center Message
added on 22 Feb 2013

Drano Bottle Bombs Left in Yard Warning
added on 17 Feb 2013

Lauren and Unmarked Police Car Warning
added on 16 Feb 2013

Aspartame - Sweet Killer or Sweet Poison Message
added on 12 Feb 2013

Bill Cosby Iím Tired Message
added on 9 Feb 2013

Baby Yoga Video Shows Baby Swung and Twisted - Real?
added on 8 Feb 2013

Capri Sun Pouch Found to Contain Mold
added on 6 Feb 2013

HIV/Aids Infected Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles
added on 27 Jan 2013

Senator Dianne Feinstein Death Machines Quote
added on 26 Jan 2013

Australia Day to be Renamed Citizens Day
added on 24 Jan 2013

My Birthday Calendar is a Malicious Application Warning
added on 10 Jan 2013

Molly Drug Facebook Warning
added on 9 Jan 2013

Facebook Removing Pages That Request S4S and T4T
added on 5 Jan 2013

Dollar Bill Used for Car Jacking Attacks?
added on 3 Jan 2013

Missing Child called Clio Facebook Message
added on 2 Jan 2013

Facebook Banning Nativity Image
added on 22 Dec 2012

Eagle Picks up Child YouTube Video
added on 19 Dec 2012

Pages no Longer Appearing in Newsfeed? Orange Flag Warning
added on 18 Dec 2012

Morgan Freeman Sandy Hook Quote
added on 16 Dec 2012

Robbers used Tracking Device to Locate Victim Facebook Warning
added on 11 Dec 2012

Pirates Copy Profile Pic Warning Message
added on 4 Dec 2012

Exhibit B-5 Girl Dies Video
added on 28 Nov 2012

Facebook Berne Convention Copyright Notice
added on 26 Nov 2012

Red Bull Causes Slow Death and is Fatal
added on 22 Nov 2012

Man Strangling Dog Photo
added on 19 Nov 2012

Hidden Speed Camera Trialling in the UK
added on 8 Nov 2012

IP Temporarily Blocked Facebook Message
added on 6 Nov 2012

FEMA Looking for Crews in South Jersey
added on 4 Nov 2012

Select Barack Obama before All Democrats Voting Warning
added on 1 Nov 2012

Hurricane Sandy Fake Photos
added on 29 Oct 2012

Carjacking Warning - Paper or Sticker in Rear Window
added on 24 Oct 2012

Add Facebook Pages to Interest List Message
added on 15 Oct 2012

National Kill a Pit Bull Day - Terry Jordan
added on 5 Oct 2012

RED ALERT - Archive (Windows live) Virus Warning
added on 1 Oct 2012

Facebookers Private Messages are Visible for All to See?
added on 27 Sep 2012

del C:\\\\WINDOWS\\system32 Speed Up Instructions
added on 25 Sep 2012

Facebook Hackers and Blue Log In Box Warning
added on 24 Sep 2012

Clicking a Picture, Commenting FALL and Seeing What Develops?
added on 19 Sep 2012

Alfonso Ribeiro a.k.a Carlton Banks Died 2012 Rumour
added on 10 Sep 2012

Morgan Freeman has Died 2012 Rumour
added on 8 Sep 2012

Users not in Your Contact List can Access Your Information? Warning
added on 7 Sep 2012

Windows Live Update Virus
added on 6 Sep 2012

Instant Noodles contain wax?
added on 5 Sep 2012

Its Time For Humanity, Facebook Donating Money for Poor Baby Photo
added on 4 Sep 2012

Ian P Feely Facebook Python Warning
added on 3 Sep 2012

New Poisonous Spider Found in US?
added on 2 Sep 2012

Eddie Murphy Dies in Snowboarding Accident?
added on 30 Aug 2012

Dog Forced to Drink Vodka Photo
added on 13 Aug 2012

Signing Petition Against Dead Baby Jokes Page Gets Your Account Hacked?
added on 9 Aug 2012

Cleaning Up Friends List Virus Warnings
added on 28 Jul 2012

Tony Blair Resting Feet on Coffin of Dead Soldier Photo
added on 19 Jul 2012

Obamacare Health Reform Bill Requires RFID Microchips in Americans
added on 11 Jul 2012

Girl Raped After Bieber Concert
added on 9 Jul 2012

Animals in Danger on Craigslist.com - Scotts Mills, Marion County Warning
added on 9 Jul 2012

Facebook Donate $1.20 per Share for Cancer Patient Message
added on 5 Jul 2012

Worker Infected Frooti Products with AIDs Infected Blood?
added on 2 Jul 2012

June 27th is Future Day in Back to the Future
added on 28 Jun 2012

Starbucks Do Not Support The War Letter
added on 22 Jun 2012

Shark Tank Collapses at Scientific Center in Kuwait?
added on 18 Jun 2012

Child Suffering from Radiation and Cancer Photo
added on 18 Jun 2012

Vanilla Ice Dies in Car Crash
added on 18 Jun 2012

Facebook Requiring Page Owners to Pay for Update Reads?
added on 7 Jun 2012

LQP-79 Zombie Apocalypse Virus Spreading?
added on 3 Jun 2012

Dog Baiters Stealing Dogs in Edinburgh and Lothians?
added on 30 May 2012

Remove Timeline Notification Wipes PC?
added on 29 May 2012

Facebook Privacy Notice
added on 25 May 2012

On Friday Facebook Will Use Your Photos
added on 25 May 2012

Ma Kellys in Blackpool Refuse British Soldiers?
added on 23 May 2012

Nestle-Gerber Baby Food Recall Warning
added on 22 May 2012

Ukraine Burning Dogs and Cats for Euro 2012?
added on 21 May 2012

Send Postcards to Charlie
added on 18 May 2012

Hacker Called 1D Stealing Facebook Pages?
added on 16 May 2012

Child Lost 4 Limbs in School Bus Accident Photo
added on 7 May 2012

James Blunt Dies of Cardiac Arrest Message
added on 5 May 2012

Payday Loan/American Trainer Facebook Warning
added on 1 May 2012

31 US Troops Die in Afghanistan Yesterday Facebook Message
added on 24 Apr 2012

Subway Seaford Autism Message
added on 24 Apr 2012

McDonalds and the Burgers That Will Not Rot
added on 23 Apr 2012

Koch Brothers Funding George Zimmermans Legal Fees?
added on 19 Apr 2012

RockMelt - Facebook Spam, Virus or Browser
added on 16 Apr 2012

Theres a Plot in this Country Kennedy Quote
added on 15 Apr 2012

Tour of new Facebook Warning
added on 11 Apr 2012

Lylah Rose and her Hospital Ordeal Facebook Message
added on 2 Apr 2012

Dude Splitting Lottery Winnings Message
added on 1 Apr 2012

Proposed 28th Amendment Message
added on 26 Mar 2012

McDonalds Over-18 Only Policy
added on 22 Mar 2012

Flying Like a Bird YouTube Video
added on 22 Mar 2012

Michael Burdis Dog Fighting Rumour
added on 20 Mar 2012

Remove Timeline Profile on Chrome Message
added on 19 Mar 2012

Facebook will Donate per Share Photo
added on 13 Mar 2012

Nice people being banned from Facebook warning
added on 12 Mar 2012

DA14 Asteroid to Collide with Earth in Feburary 2013?
added on 5 Mar 2012

Facebook will Require Social Security Number for Member Log In
added on 2 Mar 2012

Strawberry Flavored Meth Distributed to Children?
added on 27 Feb 2012

Facebook Donate Sick Baby Picture 7
added on 18 Feb 2012

Females Scammed by Thomas Romanys Stuff
added on 16 Feb 2012

Dad Shoots Daughters Laptop Video
added on 16 Feb 2012

Keanu Reeves Dies in Snowboard Accident?
added on 12 Feb 2012

Humane Society Donates Money for Shares
added on 10 Feb 2012

Zynga Leaving Facebook Over Credits?
added on 9 Feb 2012

Share per Donate Facebook Photo 8
added on 7 Feb 2012

US Attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia?
added on 3 Feb 2012

Camera Flash Causes Electrocution in Mumbai?
added on 2 Feb 2012

Trojan Adobe Flash Player Update during Zynga Games Warning
added on 31 Jan 2012

The Rascist Plane Passenger and Air Hostess Story
added on 30 Jan 2012

Facebook Baby Cancer Hoax Number 5
added on 28 Jan 2012

Hackers are posting Insulting Messages/Sexual Videos Warning
added on 19 Jan 2012

McDonalds Chicken McNuggets Mechanically Separated Chicken Photo
added on 19 Jan 2012

SIM Card has its own Name?
added on 13 Jan 2012

Friend Request Hacker Warning
added on 4 Jan 2012

Pepsi Can Design Celebrates the Attacks on the World Trade Center
added on 18 Dec 2011

Carmen Winstead Death Hoax
added on 18 Dec 2011

Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas say Governments?
added on 25 Nov 2011

Facebook has 4 new VIRUSES
added on 14 Nov 2011

Visit the New Facebook Warning
added on 7 Nov 2011

tn_tinyman at end of Facebook URLs
added on 4 Nov 2011

Poundland and Bodyshop Banning Poppies?
added on 31 Oct 2011

Worlds Smallest Elephant Photo
added on 31 Oct 2011

Barbecue Contact Lens Warning
added on 25 Oct 2011

Two Men Sentenced to Prison for Spray Painting Mosque
added on 10/06/11

Two Guys and Puppy Held up With Fishing Wire Photo
added on 10/04/11

Nails in Pieces of Cheese Found in Dog Parks?
added on 10/03/11

Typing in ATM Pin in Reverse Contacts Police?
added on 09/30/11

Facebook Released Price Grid for Membership?
added on 09/25/11

Royal British Legion Not Selling Poppies to not Offend Minorities
added on 09/18/11

July/October has 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
added on 09/18/11

14 Year Old Boy Shot 6 Times by Stepdad
added on 09/03/11

Facebook Invitation Olympic Torch Virus Warning
added on 08/22/11

Pepsi Worker Infects Bottles with HIV?
added on 07/17/11

Signal at 12.20 - Facebook Charging this Summer?
added on 07/04/11