Free Walt Disney Tickets? SURVEY SCAM

Walt Disney tickets are the latest fake giveaway survey scam to circulate Facebook in an old yet still inexplicably successful Internet ruse.

Fake Giveaway Pages are amongst the oldest type of scams to circulate Facebook yet still enjoy great success as thousands of eager yet misguided users share photos across Facebook and visit third party websites under the false belief they will receive something in return for doing so.

And in this case its free Walt Disney tickets, which are apparently being given away to lucky Facebook users as the popular theme park celebrates $2.5 Billion in revenue so far in 2013. This isn’t the first time scammers have used Disney either, another similar scam circulated only a month ago.


The spam post being spread across Facebook.

Image text

Celebrating A Whopping $2.5 Billion in revenue so far in 2013 we at Disney have decided to end your summer vacation off with a bang by giving away 150 Tickets To Disney Land or Disney World to you our fans!
To be entered to win all you have to do is the following:
1. LIKE and SHARE this photo!
2. To Claim Your Free Tickets Click the following link –>
and that’s it!
Good Luck, DisneyLand!

Of course it’s just another scam, aimed at luring victims into handing over their personal information to shady affiliate websites which results in them being spammed with more scammy offers.

There is nothing particularly new to how the scam operates either. Once again a fake Facebook Page posts a photo of the alleged prize with the instructions of first sharing the photo to your friends and then visiting a website to fill in a survey which harvests your personal information making you vulnerable to further scams as well as spam communication.

Despite the scams utter unoriginality, thousands of Facebook users are sharing the photo to their friends, often under the “just in case” reasoning. However not only are the users putting themselves at risk of further scams and spam, they are also circulating the same scam to their Facebook contacts by sharing the photo in the first place.

Offers like this one do not really exist, so the best advise here is to stop sharing these photos across Facebook! To learn more about these scams and how to avoid them read our article on fake giveaway pages here.

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