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Beware of click-baity, spammy Facebook Apps

18th December 2014
Facebook apps are an important part of the social networking website, but users should always be cautious of installing spammy Facebook apps that offer click-luring headlines. Rogue or spammy Facebook apps are an ever present thre more

"Terrifying Guy Removes Blackhead" viral Facebook video

18th December 2014
A video with the headline "OMG Terrifying!!! Guy removes his Blackhead, You wont Believe what he discovered" is spreading virally across Facebook. (UPDATE: We discuss this scam on our brand new "Six more

Curved Samsung TVs from Argos Facebook posts

18th December 2014
Despite what you have seen on Facebook, you’re certainly not going to receive a free Samsung 65 inch curved TV from Argos. Sorry. Fake Facebook competition and giveaway scams are rife when the festive season is upon us, and desp more

The Navy Boat captain and the Lighthouse keeper

17th December 2014
The story of the self-important Navy boat captain learning an important lesson in modesty from an unassuming lighthouse worker is one tall tale that never fails to raise a smile. The story, how it is usually told in its online for more

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Man sues Red Bull because it didn’t give him wings?

9 Oct 2014
Rumours are circulating across the Internet that a man is suing energy drink manufacturer Red Bull because despite the claims made in their advertising material, he did not grow wings. The rumours are false and are the result of a real class more

Are 2014 Federal Tax Refunds being delayed until October 2015?

7 Oct 2014
Rumours are spreading that claim tax refunds in the US are to be delayed by the IRS until at least October 2015. The story is false, and just another fabricated story from serial nonsense-starter The National Report, a website that deals more

Muslims get the UK to ban sniffer dogs?

1 Oct 2014
Rumours are spreading across social media that Muslims have managed to get UK security forces to stop using sniffer dogs at airports and train stations, or that they are campaigning against sniffer dogs because it “offends them”. This seems more

Are KFC banning alcohol-infused wipes?

29 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating social media that assert popular fried chicken franchise KFC are refusing to sell hand wipes that contain ethanol as alcohol is prohibited by their Halal-only policy. The reports originate from an incident more

ISIS knocking on doors and marking Christian houses

26 Sep 2014
Warnings (below) are spreading that claim terror group ISIS are going around suburbs knocking on doors in a bid to “mark” Christian houses. These warnings assert that the Islamic extremists are posing as charity workers, carrying black books more