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YouTube prankster makes you think twice about privacy.
A YouTube prankster has highlighted the privacy disconnect that still exists between social media and the real world. Anyone who regularly reads our posts will understand that locking down your Facebook profile is an absolute must in this day and age. But a YouTube social media “experiment” (video below) has highlighted that there is still […] more...

Spider causes Mazda recall and software upgrade? TRUE!
They say that fact is often stranger than fiction, and this is certainly true of this story that has been dropped onto our desk a few times this week by curious readers. A story about spiders forcing Mazda to recall 42,000 cars in order to apply a software upgrade sounds somewhat unlikely, and whilst researching […] more...

Watch out for Heartbleed password change phishing emails
A few days ago we discussed the Heartbleed flaw that was causing many people headaches as it potentially allowed scammers to access personal information, such as passwords. Many of the web services that could have been affected by this – and there were many – have been urging users to change their passwords, just in […] more...

Heartbleed flaw explained. Clearly. No jargon.
You’ve probably heard plenty about an Internet scare dubbed Heartbleed over the last day. We explain what it is and what you need to do, all in easy to understand terms. Essentially Heartbleed is a term used to describe a flaw that was discovered in a technology called OpenSSL. OpenSSL is the technology that allows […] more...

Facebook are changing their privacy settings… again!
That’s right, social media giant Facebook, whose past relationship with privacy can only be described as turbulent at best, is once again changing those pesky privacy settings. But before you slam your head against the desk at the prospect of meticulously rechecking all your privacy options for the 100th time (which we know you do, […] more...

Windows XP support now ended
Support for operating system Windows XP has been officially stopped by Microsoft from today. The final update has finally been released for archaic operating system Windows XP today, meaning that providing no critical security vulnerabilities come to light, XP has only 1 month of protected operation remaining. Released in 2001, XP pre-dates Windows Vista, Windows […] more...

Phillip Wood, Flight MH370, Diego Garcia and the black photo.
A claim is flying across the Internet that asserts MH370 passenger Phillip Wood took a photo from his iPhone 5 from a military base called Diego Garcia, where he and the other passengers are being incarcerated. The photo, (above) which is entirely black, was apparently uploaded to the Internet along with the following message – […] more...

April Fools jokes and hoaxes of 2014
Well there certainly was no shortage of April Fools jokes on the Internet this year. We take a look at some of the more popular ones. Learn a new language… Rosetta Stone piqued plenty of users curiosity after they announced their latest package was going to teach users how to speak Klingon. It may have […] more...

UK based Tech Support Scammer caught by police
Scams that involve criminals pretending to be computer technicians whilst cold-calling victims and tricking them into installing malware is a popular con that is several years old. Whilst most can spot this crime easily, this type of scam (much like 419 Nigerian fraud) will typically prey on the vulnerable. Despite being a widespread scam, criminals […] more...

5 Reasons why accepting strangers on Facebook is a bad idea
We outline 5 compelling reasons why Facebook users should be careful when accepting friend requests and why you should never accept strangers invitations. Okay, so whilst accepting someone on Facebook isn’t quite enough to get your computer “hacked”, (like so many different rumours claim) it certainly isn’t advised. We outline 5 reasons why you really […] more...

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