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Scottish Referendum conspiracy video proves vote was rigged?

22nd September 2014
A conspiracy video is circulating the Internet that claims to show “proof” that would “stand up in court” that the Scottish independence vote in September 2014 was rigged. The video shows 3 instances of what the narrator c more

Facebook to charge users $2.99 per month from November 1st?

21st September 2014
Rumours are spreading across Facebook that claim Facebook will soon be charging users $2.99 a month from November 1st. Many of the rumours link back to an article on – which seems to have initially spurred the more

iOs8 Wave allows users to charge iPhone in microwave?

19th September 2014
A message is circulating the Internet advertising an apparent new feature to the latest Apple mobile operating system iOS8 called "Wave" that allows users to charge their mobile phone in any household microwave. The messages often more

iPhone 6 scams in the wild. As predicted.

17th September 2014
The imminent release of the always-much-anticipated latest model of the Apple iPhone, the iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS, has the usual slew of scammers waiting to dupe you. And if last year’s release of the iPhone 5 is more

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White powder used to kill dogs?

21 Sep 2014
A warning (below) is spreading that warns readers of a white powder at the base of trees or posts as it causes internal haemorrhaging in dogs. The warning is circulating in both Spanish and English. Warnings about a trend in more

Eminem quitting music after going to rehab?

14 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating that popular rapper Eminem is quitting music after checking in to rehab for a heroin addiction. The rumours can be traced back to an article from Huzlers that claims the rapper is focussing on family after struggling with more

FDA finds Coors Light has cocaine in it?

11 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating that the FDA has found cocaine in a number of Coors Light beers, who have stopped production pending an investigation. According to many articles circulating, an FDA spokesperson said We cannot more

Are Muslims against Peppa Pig?

9 Sep 2014
Rumours are spreading across social media that a number of Muslims want to ban the popular Peppa Pig cartoon because it is offensive to Islam. A popular YouTube video and Facebook group named “Muslims Against Peppa Pig” increased in more

Officer Darren Wilson injured eye socket image

4 Sep 2014
An image (below) of a man with a serious injury to this eye are spreading across social media along with the caption that the photo belongs to Officer Darren Wilson, the Missouri police officer who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson in more