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Do you want a free £75 Tesco Voucher? Hard luck.
A pretty old hat trick has reared its ugly head again this week and that’s the classic free supermarket voucher scam that dupes readers into completing spammy surveys. Such scams were prevelant throughout 2013, we discussed a similar instance here in December 2013, but seemed to have died down during 2014. But it seems re-launching […] more...

How this shoplifter caught herself out on Facebook is priceless
We do occasionally enjoy taking some time out now and again to discuss how criminals get online privacy completely wrong and how they get caught out in the most ill-advised and thoughtless ways possible. Take for example the Austrian prisoner and his cannabis plant selfie, or the catch-me-if-you-can convict. Another case in point comes thanks […] more...

5 simple things you MUST know about your Facebook privacy settings that people always forget.
If you’re a social media fanatic, then like it or not, there is a lot you need to do (and always be doing) to ensure you keep yourself safe, secure and embarrassment free. Here are 5 things that are often overlooked when using Facebook. 1. Your Facebook profile photo and cover photo are public. ALL […] more...

MH17 crash video scams hit the Internet
Scams aimed at targeting viewers looking for information or videos about the recent MH17 airline disaster have hit the Internet. Whenever significant newsworthy events occur, such as the tragic flight of MH17 that crashed over eastern Ukraine, online scammers are always quick to exploit such news by luring online surfers to suspect and malicious websites. […] more...

“I am very attractive” claims email scam
Email scams are often notorious for bordering on the unrealistic, audacious and sometimes even downright hilarious. And the below email, with the subject header simply reading “I am very attractive” really stood out when it hit one of our inboxes this week. The email scam appears to be a romance scam, a close cousin of […] more...

Keylogging software found in US Hotels
Law enforcement recently made several arrests after keylogging software was found installed on hotel PCs in Texas, in what is a reminder to be extra careful when using public access computers. Keylogging software is capable of logging every keystroke you make and sending the resulting data straight back to a scammer. It is amongst the […] more...

What would it take for you to quit Facebook?
Antivirus company Sophos asked their readers this week whether the recent revelation that Facebook were conducting unauthorised “social experiments” on their users made them think about quitting the social media service. We’ve certainly noticed that an increasing number of our own readers have contacted us letting them know they’re “unplugging” from their Facebook accounts (it’s […] more...

Is Facebook about to get so, so creepy and sell your data?
Been hearing rumours that social network Facebook will soon be selling all of your information to those big, bad companies, all in the name of more targeted advertising? Whilst the warnings are based on a genuine Facebook feature soon to be introduced in the US, many warnings are a little overblown and don’t tell the […] more...

Facebook Page admins beware of “Verified Page” scam
An incredible story from interior design website proves to be a stark warning for Facebook Page administrators. Many Page admins, including us, spend months and years building up a fan base on our social media pages. Starting from zero, some pages make it to millions and millions of fans. So you probably don’t want […] more...

Was Abuaisha10 working for The Daily Mail Group?
A user named Abuaisha10 posted a message on a Muslim forum this week, asking his “brothers and sisters” to wage war against an evil and corrupt West. “salam my sisters and brothers we should get out of this evil country and pledge our allegiance to the muslim sharia law and get out of evil west. […] more...

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