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The Cottingley Fairies: A famous photo hoax.

25th September 2014
As online hoax debunkers we always find ourselves looking into the future, trying to gage what the next big scam or hoax is going to be. But occasionally, if only just for the sake of nostalgia, we take a look at the past. So toda more

Emma Watson leaked photo threat actually viral hoax campaign

24th September 2014
Leaked celebrity photo scandals have been a hot topic over the last month or so, as many high profile celebs have had private photos stolen from them and posted onto the Internet. And whilst many scammers have been taking advantag more

"3 Breasted" Masseuse from Tampa fools the Internet. Maybe.

23rd September 2014
There was a time where upon hearing the news of a woman getting a third breast surgically implanted in order to become a reality TV star, one would have easily dismissed it as utter nonsense. But in a world where trash TV is only more

Scottish Referendum conspiracy video proves vote was rigged?

22nd September 2014
A conspiracy video is circulating the Internet that claims to show “proof” that would “stand up in court” that the Scottish independence vote in September 2014 was rigged. The video shows 3 instances of what the narrator c more

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Are KFC banning alcohol-infused wipes?

29 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating social media that assert popular fried chicken franchise KFC are refusing to sell hand wipes that contain ethanol as alcohol is prohibited by their Halal-only policy. The reports originate from an incident more

ISIS knocking on doors and marking Christian houses

26 Sep 2014
Warnings (below) are spreading that claim terror group ISIS are going around suburbs knocking on doors in a bid to “mark” Christian houses. These warnings assert that the Islamic extremists are posing as charity workers, carrying black books more

Design flaw causes iPhone 6 Plus to bend?

24 Sep 2014
Rumours are spreading like wildfire across the Internet that the latest iPhone 6 Plus is susceptible to bending after several complaints and images emerged on social media. Many have claimed that the phone bends after spending a more

White powder used to kill dogs?

21 Sep 2014
A warning (below) is spreading that warns readers of a white powder at the base of trees or posts as it causes internal haemorrhaging in dogs. The warning is circulating in both Spanish and English. Warnings about a trend in more

Eminem quitting music after going to rehab?

14 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating that popular rapper Eminem is quitting music after checking in to rehab for a heroin addiction. The rumours can be traced back to an article from Huzlers that claims the rapper is focussing on family after struggling with more