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Is Facebook about to get so, so creepy and sell your data?
Been hearing rumours that social network Facebook will soon be selling all of your information to those big, bad companies, all in the name of more targeted advertising? Whilst the warnings are based on a genuine Facebook feature soon to be introduced in the US, many warnings are a little overblown and don’t tell the […] more...

Facebook Page admins beware of “Verified Page” scam
An incredible story from interior design website proves to be a stark warning for Facebook Page administrators. Many Page admins, including us, spend months and years building up a fan base on our social media pages. Starting from zero, some pages make it to millions and millions of fans. So you probably don’t want […] more...

Was Abuaisha10 working for The Daily Mail Group?
A user named Abuaisha10 posted a message on a Muslim forum this week, asking his “brothers and sisters” to wage war against an evil and corrupt West. “salam my sisters and brothers we should get out of this evil country and pledge our allegiance to the muslim sharia law and get out of evil west. […] more...

‘Britain First’ highlights the importance of checking your sources
Being a website that deals with Internet nonsense, we’re always advising our readers to check the accuracy of the information they share online. But it’s not just the accuracy of your posts that you should be concerned with. Sharing information on social media websites like Facebook exposes the source of that information – i.e. whoever […] more...

Still be on the watch out for aggressive ransomware
Whilst the threat of Cryptolocker faces the beginning of the end, the threat of aggressive encrypting ransomware is only just beginning. Last month police operations across the globe resulted in many servers that the popular malware Cryptolocker relied on to function correctly being seized, limiting the capabilities of the prolific malware strain. But the huge […] more...

HOAX – England FC get second chance after match fixing allegations
Sorry England fans, the game against Uruguay will not be replayed because of match fixing allegations. The headline, that claims the England vs Uruguay referee was involved in a match fixing scandal forcing the match to be replayed and giving England a “second chance”, is actually the product of a prank website that only days […] more...

Dogs drinking iced water causes bloat warning
A rumour is circulating social media warning dog owners not to give their pets iced water as it can cause bloat which can then lead to acute gastric dilatation-volvulus which can potentially be very dangerous for the dog. Many versions cite an example of a dog that apparently suffered severe bloat after drinking iced water. […] more...

Drinking ages rising to 25 in the United States? Another prank.
A rumour is spreading like wildfire on the Internet that claims the drinking age in the US has risen to 25. On social media the story appears to come from as the source, however when you click the link you are directed to a site called the Sunday Times Daily that reveals the story […] more...

CGI Glitch proves planes didn’t crash into WTC video – debunked
A supposedly rare video of a plane crashing into the South Tower of the World Trade Center is spreading across the Internet along with commentary that claims the footage has been faked and thus is evidence supporting the fringe conspiracy theory that no planes crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. conspiracy […] more...

Eastenders Axed? No, just a new Internet prank.
There are whispers online that popular UK soap opera Eastenders is to finish after 29 years on British television screens. The rumours are not true though, so those Eastenders fans need not worry. The rumour comes courtesy of a type of trending prank that we fear we will be seeing a lot of this year. […] more...

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