Keely Anti-War Message

An image of a message (below) apparently posted by a girl called Keely is circulating Facebook. The controversial image, above, contains a message that is both offensive and vehemently anti-war.


It is inherently difficult (for us or anybody) to determine whether the person shown on the image actually authored the message, and this is one of the reasons why it is important to never circulate this type of nonsense across Facebook.

The fact is that whilst you are looking at an image that looks to be genuine, there are a number of different things that could have occurred here. For example the message could have been posted when the Facebook account was hijacked by an immoral cyber-prankster, or a clone account could have been created with the same name and profile picture, or, as some have suggested happened, an existing account could change its name and profile picture to match that of the target in another type of clone attack. (We did see an account apparently belonging to a male that had recently altered its profile picture and account name to match the account in question)

The point is, we do not know for sure, and neither do the people who have opted to circulate the image, or to send death threats and other vile insults and diatribes directed towards the account that appears to have made the post.

Ultimately this is another type of “trial by social media” where a subset of Facebook users act as judge, jury and executioner based on unsubstantiated posts, and it is this type of behaviour that causes some of the biggest problems we see on the social media today, including cyber-bullying and misplaced vigilante “justice”.

Whilst we can all agree that the sentiment expressed in the image above is wrong by any moral standard, users should not let their emotions get the better of them. No matter how compelled you feel to let your feelings be known to the author, you can seldom be sure on social media exactly who penned a message like this.

In the opinion of this author at least, such Facebook users who feel justified to send death threats or hurl disgusting insults at other users based purely on unsubstantiated images they stumble across on Facebook, should themselves take a long and hard look at the way they use social media. There is simply no place for that on Facebook, no matter how legitimate the image is or is not.

This image is also circulating Facebook.

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  • Felicity Moran

    When this cam into my newsfeed i decided to investigate (its very wording sounded like a prank)…… Someone called Ashley Byrnes put it out there with: “Please; share this around, look at what this very disrespectful little shit “Keely Currie” thinks of our country and soldiers?!!” – then in the comments it goes on to say it was his neice. Disrespecful yes (whether it was even her or some ex that posted it in their newsfeed to begin with) but for an adult relative to then snapshot it and spread it further calling his sisters kid a ‘little shit” along with ‘please share this around’ is pretty low and just plain bullying. I feel really sorry for this girl…… if she made the comment in a moment of teenage angst it is horrible that an older relative would have this response rather than pull her aside for a quiet word, if as suspected it wasn’t her at all but a vindictive ex boyfriend, this poor kids world has been turned upside down by people willingness to ‘share’ without contemplating how it came about and possibly hoping for horrible implications toward a child they don’t know. Poor kid either way…….