Making Money Online From Home – Achievable?

The work-at-home industry has – over the last several years – become so synonymous with scams and con-artists, that one of the most common questions we receive from our readers is – what is the truth about making money online from home.

It’s no secret that our site categorises websites [that promote the belief or implication that following some “proven system” can easily and quickly make you lots of money] as get-rich-quick scams.

Get-rich-quick schemes use the same tactics over and again, like the false claim that discounts are limited, countdown timers, the system fallacy and unrealistic profits.

Most people have seen the claims; or rather have been spammed with them. Some guy with a website with fancy graphics and big red letters telling you that he has just stumbled on some secret formula to making big money, fast. The website and accompanying video will be loaded with screenshots of his accounts, pictures of expensive cars and lavish holidays, along with the assertion that the formula doesn’t include anything technical or difficult and that he has found something that the “gurus” have been trying to hide away from you – essentially following a near identical template used extensively by thousands of similar get-rich-quick websites

The guy in the video will also sympathise with you. He’ll tell you that he knows you’ve been scammed by “gurus” or con-men in the past. A clever nod to the ubiquitous reputation work-from-home schemes possess. He’ll try and gain your trust by relating to your problems at work and home, the scams you’ve already tried and failed with. He’ll tell you he has the solution. The formula. And it’s yours. You just have to pay a registration fee.

And once you pay to sign up you’re bombarded with rehashed information, useless software and barraged with further expensive “upgrades” required to get anything to work. It is never the “step by step automated system” that you were originally promised during the hyped sales pitch.

So… making money online from home … is it really possible?

Whilst “manual” pay-as-you-go jobs exist, such as survey taking or writing paid content, the pay-out is usually very small for hard work. The real question is can you make good money on the Internet?

Well the good news is that it is, and it’s also possible that over time it can become a passive income as well. But certainly not in the way these schemes claims it is. The biggest fallacy there is to making good money online from home is that there is some kind of system or formula – which – as soon as it is in your possession, will prove to be the only thing you need to know to make lots of money.

And that is nonsense.

Internet marketing is a diverse subject and there is certainly a lot to learn. If you’re looking for easy, passive money fast then you’re going to be disappointed because the Internet has now evolved so there are no longer any “shortcuts to success” – after all if there were then we’d all be doing it. This means there are no systems, methods or formulas that will make you easy money quickly. No such thing exists.

Making money online from home should be treated as a business. After all it takes time, patience, dedication and most of all it takes hard work. Some may find it easier than others but no one is going to become rich after a few days. So if you’re emailing us asking us how to get rich on the Internet, we’re probably going to drop you a link to this post.

How do you actually make money online from home?

Internet marketing refers to advertising and selling products, whether they’re your own or someone else’s. Most people don’t own their own products so will sell other peoples products and receive a commission. That is affiliate Internet marketing.

Internet marketers need to know how to build sites, drive traffic to those sites and convert that traffic into buyers. If you can do that then you can make money. Good money, potentially.

But it’s not easy and if you want to learn how to do it then there is a wealth of free information available from all corners of the Internet covering a diverse range of subjects from building sites, SEO techniques, creating good content and information on affiliate networks.

But if you’d rather sign up for a complete course on marketing as opposed to researching the Internet for information, we generally recommend Chris Farrell who operates an entire marketing course with tons of great content and tips. We’ve been endorsing Chris Farrell for over 2 years now, and we’ve referred over 300 people to his site.

Unlike get-rich-quick schemes this isn’t a system promising riches for little effort with some “underground method”. Chris Farrell has been teaching this course for a number of years and it provides structured learning so those who sign up can actually learn about marketing properly from the ground up. No unrealistic projections. No unnecessary hype.

Generally we don’t need to give much of a review because there is plenty of feedback on the Internet for anyone trying to look him up. So if you’re looking for extensive, quality information on making money online, all in one place, we generally refer those queries to him.

If you’re interested, click our link above or take a look at the video below.

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  • Amaryllis Heloise Gregory

    One of your adverts on this page is for “make £300+ a month, just filling out surveys!” You might want to talk to your ad company about that, given that gullible people are likely to get directed here a lot…