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In this article we talk about how get-rich-schemes work and why you should avoid them, explain how people make money online and recommend a great resource to help you on your way. It's a long page, but certainly worth a read.

As a website dealing - in part - with revealing the truth about work-from-home opportunities, it is inevitable that one of the most popular questions from our readers is this...

“Can you really make money from the Internet?”

You probably found this page when researching some work-from-home, get-rich-quick scheme that claimed you could make lots of money, using some formula, system or software that, despite being a secret, was being offered to you by some Internet marketing expert.

It’s the classic get-rich-quick scheme, aimed at baiting you with hyped sales videos, a flashy website address, screenshots of earnings showing thousands of dollars daily, and the promise that this could all be yours, as soon as you cough up the registration costs.

However the reason these sites wind being listed on our website is because the reality is very different to the one these sites create.

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If you were to believe the sales pitch of a get-rich-quick program you couldn’t be blamed for expecting to sign up, be given either a formula or piece of software to put into action and within a few days of easy, effortless work you’ll be making hundreds of dollars a day, and after a few weeks of easy, non-time consuming work this secret formula or hidden software will be raking you in thousands of dollars, just like the screenshots you saw on the sales video. And perhaps after a few months or years of effortlessly applying the information you gained from the website, you’ll be living the financially free lifestyle, fast cars, expensive holidays and big houses.

This is NOT a reality.

You could potentially receive any type of marketing information or software when you sign up for these schemes but they will always be subject to one universal truth – you can’t get rich quickly with little effort on autopilot.

This is simply not a real scenario, but there are plenty of schemes out there purporting it to be a genuine possibility. But of course once you sign up then the majority of these schemes will then pressure you into signing up and paying for any number of upsells to “get the full potential” out of the program. And still the universal truth remains – that making substantial money, even enough money to supplement an income, cannot be achieved with effortless shortcuts.

This is the bad news. The good news - depending on how you look at it - comes with the answer to the question we started the article with - “Can you really make money from the Internet?”

And the answer is yes.

Whilst many programs that dress themselves up as work-from-home opportunities will rely on misinformation and hype to get you to sign up, it is actually possible to make money from the Internet, even if you do not have your own product to sell. Many people make money online and their success can range from being able to afford a couple of extra items in the weekly shop to being able to buy large houses and expensive cars. Most people fall into the first category but it is entirely possible to earn a full time living online.

But the truth is that making money from the Internet, no matter how you go about it, requires effort, patience, determination and the ability to learn a lot of information.

If you are determined to make something work, then your chances of succeeding are greatly heightened. And this is the primary reason why get-rich-quick schemes accumulate so many failed casualties. Because they set people up for failure with unrealistic promises. If you venture on a program expecting to be sold an instant get-rich formula then you will unlikely make any money at all because you’re expecting to receive something that doesn’t exist.

However if you approach it correctly, it is absolutely possible to make money from the Internet, even a comfortable living, working your own hours, no boss and the rest of the advantages that you would expect from a work-from-home job.

And this leads us onto our next question.

”How can you make money online?”

There are many different ways to go about making money from the Internet, and nearly all of them require you to understand Internet marketing and how people go about selling products or services on the Internet. This does not mean that you need your own product, however.

One of the most popular ways for people looking to make a living from the Internet is through affiliate marketing, the process of selling products belonging to other people and getting a commission for doing so. Affiliate marketing has many advantages, including not needing your own product and the potentially exciting possibility of making good money.

What we mean by that is there is no maximum amount of money you can make. If you work hard and skilfully you could potentially make good money, but it all depends on you and how you approach it.

There are limitless resources available, many free ones, that are aimed at teaching you first the fundamental principles of marketing, such as how to build a website or blog (more easier now than ever) and how to get people to that website (SEO, traffic) and how to convert your visitors into money.

If you’re looking to get make money from the Internet, even a living, then you need to approach it correctly. The Internet – as we said – if full of excellent free resources but trying to find them and make it all make sense can be a challenge if you’re new to the Internet marketing scene.

Thus we recommend a fantastic resource that basically covers everything you need from the fundamentals upwards, that allows people looking to make money from the Internet approach it in the right direction, with the correct expectations and projections.

We’ve studied and reviewed literally thousands of websites discuss making money online, and this site is the one we recommend to our readers, based on the quality of the information and how it approaches Internet marketing. No hype. No misinformation. No silly promises. Just a thorough guide to making money on the Internet.

The site is run by Chris Farrell, a popular Internet marketer since 2008.

The site is a comprehensive learning and resource guide for anyone wanting to embark on Internet marketing or teach themselves new things. The site is great for beginners or even intermediate marketers and covers a broad range of topics including getting started, what you need, what method is best for you and includes everything you need to learn to get on your way.

Once you master the basics the site branches out covering more advanced techniques including effective methods on how to get your site or blog ranked higher in Google, how to convert people into money and other great tricks to make the most of your Internet marketing experience.

Using this site will allow you to approach the marketing industry in the correct way without hype and misinformation which ultimately proves to be the downfall of so many potential marketers. provides structure and great learning principles to marketing which maximises a person’s chances of understanding what they are doing and hence their chances of becoming successful at it, and from our own experience and from the testimonials we found online, it certainly does that well.

It isn’t free though, and access to the entire site is charged at a small monthly rate, which you can cancel at any time. Also there are plenty of free areas on the site so you can check them out first. So the best thing to do if you’re interested is to click the link below, take a look around the site and if you like what you see then sign up for a membership account where you can get a week’s full access for a miniscule fee to test out the site features.

If you do feel the site is for you then we wish you the best of luck, and let us know how you get on.