One of the most common questions we get on this site from our readers is

"So how do you really make real money online?"

Our site, in part, deals with debunking all the get-rich-quick scams that claim you will be rich by following some secret tips or downloading some groundbreaking software, or schemes that claim you can make millions by referring people to a website. Because of this, we are always asked how to legitimately make money without signing up for these scams.

Now of course you can make money with the Internet. Many people do it and their success can range from being able to afford a couple of extra items in the weekly shop to being able to buy large houses and expensive cars. Most people fall into the first category but it is entirely possible to earn a full time living online.

But first you need to dispel the masses of misinformation, hype and outright lies that have flooded the Internet when it comes to making money online.

This section of our site deals with telling you how people make money online. It dispels the fallacies which get-rich-quick scams get you to believe, and we recommend some tools and resources that will help you along the way. You won’t get rich just by reading this section of the site. We have no “secret tips” or “groundbreaking, underground techniques” to offer you. Just the truth. No hype. No guarantees. No sales talk. Just the truth.

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As we mentioned, there are so many get-rich-quick scams on the Internet, it is easy for people to become disillusioned and confused. Scams that claim that signing up for their systems will make you rich are likely to never make you that much money because they simply present you with Internet marketing information that is generally known within the marketing community and dress it up as that “killer program” or “groundbreaking techniques” that is going to provide you with financial freedom. Its like handing you a copy of the Wall Street Journal and a basic guide to how the stock market works and expecting you to be thereafter set up for life. It doesn’t work like that and nor does Internet marketing. There are no killer programs or secret techniques that simply knowing them is a sure fire way of being a success, but because get-rich-quick scams promote this belief, people who sign up for them quickly become disillusioned, confused and hence will soon fail.
Some get-rich-quick scams may actually provide some good marketing tips, but they create this illusion that making money online is easy just as soon as you find the right secrets. This is just a fallacy.

If you are serious about earning a good living online, then you need to act seriously about it.
Because it takes time.
It takes dedication.
It takes patience.
It takes persistence.
It takes intelligence.
It takes effort.

That is the bad news. The good news is that if you do become successful, there genuinely is no limit to how much money you can make, and eventually it can become a passive income, you don’t need your own physical products and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. The get-rich-quick scams weren’t lying about that.

So how do most people make money online? The answer, for the majority involves Internet marketing and advertising. Internet marketing encompasses everything to do with both selling and advertising using the Internet. If you have your own product you need to learn how to market it, and if you have no products then you will probably use affiliate marketing to make money. Affiliate marketing is essentially selling someone elses product and getting a commission for doing so, and most people who do not own products will earn their online income this way.
Since most people reading this will not have their own products, this page is mostly directly at affiliate marketing, but even if you do own your own products, you can still read on.
To be successful at affiliate marketing, one needs to have an effective website or blog, is able to create sufficient traffic, and is able to convert those visitors into buyers of the products you choose to promote.
Is this easy? No.

Is it quick? No.

Is there a lot to learn? Yes.

Are there legitimate sites that will make it easy for me to make money and automate everything on my behalf so all I have to do it watch the money roll in? NO!!

Are there legitimate places to offer me help and advice? Yes. Read on.

So now we’ve told you how people make money online, and about why get-rich-quick scams don’t work and if you haven’t been put off too much about the reality of making money online, its time we recommend something for you to try and why you should try it.

We’ve studied and reviewed literally thousands of websites that focus on allowing people to make money online, and there is only 1 site we’ve seen that we have actually been happy with, both with what it sells and importantly the way it sells itself. Its from a well known marketer called Chris Farrell, and our review is below. reviews

What is it?

Chris Farrell is a popular Internet marketer who has been operating prolifically since 2008. He operates a site called which is a resource site regarding Internet marketing, whether it is selling your own products or selling other peoples products and getting a commission (affiliate marketing). The site is designed to accommodate complete beginners, intermediates and even tips for well established Internet marketers. The site itself is packed full of articles, videos and other useful features and members also get personal support and advice. Chris Farrell stresses that making money online is neither easy or quick which is great because people signing up will know exactly what they are getting into and won’t get disheartened when they don’t get instant results which get-rich-quick scams falsely promise. also stresses that unlike get-rich-quick scams, it provides structure to learning marketing which maximises a persons chances of understanding what they are doing and hence their chances of becoming successful at it, and from our own experience and from the testimonials we found online, it certainly does that well. Read on for our pros and cons.

Pros – Why we chose to endorse

We’ll give you some reasons as to why we endorse this site as opposed to the thousands of get-rich-quick scams we list on our site.

- The information you can get for free from his site is usually more than what you get after you pay for the products in get-rich-quick scams.

- His site hasn’t just been operating for a handful of months like many get-rich-quick scams, and it will most likely be here for a long time.

- Chris Farrell isn’t telling people that making money online is easy using secret techniques, programs or software. He doesn’t use unrealistic projections that can be the downfall to so many potential marketers. He doesn’t claim you will get rich quickly either (since you can’t really). He makes realistic projections that real people (beginners or not) can work towards.

- Even after operating for more than 2 years online, his membership sites testimonials (genuine testimonials, not affiliate produced testimonials) are actually very good, with very few choosing to criticise him. This means the quality of his information and the way he teaches it works.

- He gives away loads of free information, and allows people to sign up for a trial week before committing to monthly charges. There are literally no complaints about unauthorised charges or over billing which can be popular with get-rich-quick scams.

- He doesn’t use unethical pressuring tactics like claiming there are limited spots or that his membership program expires in a few hours. He promotes his site ethically and doesn’t use fake review sites or fake newspaper sites.

- Most importantly, Chris Farrell structures his teaching methods and materials in a way that the people he teaches first learn the fundamentals and then can progress into the more advanced information after. Many get-rich-quick scams provide information on only a small aspect of Internet marketing (a "loophole" or "technique") and advise people to ignore other aspects of marketing.

Cons – The Problems

The only downfall to this program may be the price, since people who wish to enrol will pay monthly after their trial week expires. Its only $30ish dollars a month last time we checked which is actually quite cheap, but some people may find this too expensive. The good news is you can cancel at anytime though. For those who think it’s a little too damaging on the weight of your wallet, skip to this section where we recommend some good books on marketing that you may be interested in.

To summarise…

If you are looking to make money online and you are looking for an online service that provides support, this is really it. From the reviews we have read and the research we have conducted Chris Farrell and appears to be the most extensive, popular and thorough resource online, and since it provides a down to earth structured look into marketing online, people who sign up won’t get disillusioned by all the hype and deceptive claims you get with get-rich-quick scams.

For those of you that are interested, don’t take our word for it, take a look around his site, check out his material and research him on Google. If you are happy with what you see, sign up. To go to his site, click the link below. Best of luck!