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Viral message floating around Facebook -

PLEASE CROSSPOST...URGENT! My daughter, Jackie Buyher, has been missing
from the northwest side of Evansville, IN since Wednesday, Nov. 3rd. Sheis 16 years old, about 5 6" tall, sandy brown hair (straight, shoulderlength), hazel eyes, and weighs approximately 120 lbs. Friends that I am in contact with, as well as school officials, have not seen her since that
day. A missing persons report has been filed with the Evansville Police Dept., and recently has expanded to a nation-wide alert. If anyone has
seen her, or think they may know her whereabouts, please dial 911 and report any information you may have to the Evansville PD.

By: Rachel Kunes Buyher

This message regarding an apparent missing child named Jackie Buyher is, according to various news reports, true yet outdated since the child has since been located and returned home.

Whilst many "missing child" messages may reference genuine cases of missing children, many are hoaxes simply designed to waste peoples time, meaning many social network users may be confused as to what messages to pass on and which to ignore. The first point of contact for any parent of a suspected missing child should always be the police, who should issues online alerts such as amber alerts in the United States. We recommend passing on only messages that can reference a genuine source like an amber alert so the user knows they are passing on a genuine case and not helping circulate a hoax.

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