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Rumours spreading across email, social media and Internet forums claims that a popular way for criminals or gangs to attack victims is to use crying children on the side of the road. Examples and analysis below.

ATTENTION:~messageforall girls especially for those who usuallygo to work,college orschool ALONE: IF u find a CHILD crying onthe road showing his/herADDRESS &requesting u to take them there,PLEASE take themto...POLICE STATION!! DON`T FOLLOW THE ADDRESS GIVEN , this is a new way of gang members to rape females.DO copy & paste. this to your wall, inform your friends andfamily members. Make them alert
Collected November 2010

FEMALES BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!. If u find a child cryin on the road/street showing there address and asking u to take them home, DONT DO IT! Instead take them to the police station or ring the police. What ever u do don`t go to the address. This is a new way for gang members to rape female`s. Its already happend in leeds so don`t let it happen to u,
Collected November 2010

MESSAGE FROM MANCHESTER POLICE.Read this carefully.Every femalewho goes 2 work,college or school alone,If u find a child crying
on the road,showing his/her address and asks u 2 take themthere,DONT!!! Instead take them to the nearest police station orring the police.DO...NOT go 2 that address.This is a new way forgang members 2 rape females. Its already happened in Leeds.Forward this message 2 all females!!
Collected November 2010

ATTENTION ALL LADIES AND GIRLS. If you walk from home, school, office or anywhere and you are alone and you come across a little boy crying holding a piece of paper with an address on it, DO NOT TAKE HIM THERE! Take him straight to the police station for this is the new gang way of rape. The incident is getting worse so warn your frends and families. REPOST THIS SO IT GETS AROUND
Collected January 2012

Collected July 2012

These messages that have started to circulate the Internet are actually the latest variants of a much older, long running hoax which reappears every few years in various format.

These messages warn of a "new way" for crooks and gang members to trap and attack their victims, but in reality these rumours have been circulating for many years, and are very much similar to other false "gang member" warnings like the Baby Car Seat hoax, which replaces a crying child with an empty baby car seat.

The conception of using crying children as bait to lure victims to houses is one that has been used by hoaxers for many years, like the below message which circulated via chain email for many months in 2004.

I am not sure when did this happen, but it is best to be careful and safety comes first.
She was just discharged from the hospital...Today after office hours, I heard from my sister-in-law that there is a new way to rape women.
It happened to one of our good friends. The girl left the office after working hours and saw a little child crying on the road.
Feeling pity for the child, she went and ask what happened.
The child said, "I am lost. Can you take me home please?" Then the child gave her a slip and tell the girl where the address is.
And the girl, being an average kind person, didn`t suspect anything and took the child there.
And there when it arrived the "childs home", she pressed the door bell, yet she was shocked as it the bell was wired with high voltage, and fainted. The next day when she woke up, she found herself in an empty house up in the hills, naked.
She has never even get to see the face of the attacker...
Thats why nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people. Next time if the same situation occurs, never bring the child to the intended place. If the child insist, then bring the child to the police station.
Lost child are best to send to police stations.
Please send this to all your female friends.

This longer chain email variant contains such features as high voltage door bells and empty houses that the above Facebook version had to omit, but the message and crime is as false now as it was back then when the above message circulated many years ago. Due to its popular and long running nature, many hoax and legend busting sites, including Snopes.com, Hoax-Slayer.com and ourselves have searched the Internet looking for reports of such a crime, but to no avail.

Whilst some rumours claim the child leads the unsuspecting victim back to an abandoned house whilst others claim the victim is attacked at the side of the road, they are all bogus warnings.

Additionally, despite this warning being attributed to various police forces across the world, it has continually been rebutted by such forces as a fake warning.

Since most versions of this hoax fail to identify any location for the alleged attacks, and all versions fail to provide any source or evidence to backup their unfounded claims, it is recommended not to circulate this baseless and false rumour.

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