Zynga Farmville Giving Away 310 Christmas Cash? - Facebook Hoax

12/20/10 - Article No: 1143. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Other

Viral messages being posted about Farmville giving away Farmville cash free for Christmas, but in reality its just a survey scam.

Whohoooooo..... Zynga team gave me 310 Farm Cash absolutely free YES FREE for Christmas bonus..this is so damn COOL..! They are really giving 310 farm cash bonus but for a Very short time ...This OFFER WOULD LAST AN HOUR OR TWO ONLY ...Hurry !..Get yours asap . Here on their link -http://apps.facebook.com/xmascash_gift/

There is no free cash for Farmville available, and people who are fooled will end up installing a Facebook application which will SPAM the victims profile, and victims will be told to complete surveys before getting the cash, which of course is non-existant anyway.

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