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Scheme purporting that people can get rich by selling them basic affiliate marketing information, sold under the impression that the victim would be "typing out ads".
The information sold in these schemes is marketing information that is not going to make anyone rich or anywhere near the amounts implied on the sales pitch.

Typical red flags are present including the "limited positions" tactics and unrealistic projections. The sites goes on to state that business are "desperately seeking people like you to type up their ads and post them online" though this is simply not true. It is a distortion of the truth, much like the whole website.

This scheme is misleading and unrealistic, and we strongly recommend avoiding.

Data Entry Scams are designed to fool the victim into thinking that earning money online is easily achievable, but this is no longer true. Data Entry scams typically sell affiliate marketing information under the implication that victims are signing up for some sort of job that involves entering data. However the information provided is regarding Internet affiliate marketing and nothing to do with the websites sales pitch and the vast majority of people will not be able to recoup the money they have spent signing up. We have a full article on Data Entry scams and how they work here.

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