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01/11/11 - Article No: 1161 - Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Other Keywords: Jesse Regan, Tim Bekker just provides more rehashed sales techniques designed to convince potential victims into thinking that its different and that making money online is easy, just as soon as you follow their [quote]"leaked, automated click-easy script".

Marketing online does not work this way, and people who fall for this type of sales hype will become disillusioned and confused.

Another scheme that sells affiliate marketing information under the pretense that it is a "killer system" or "secret recipe" that will guarantee riches.

Tim Bekker was the author of now defunct get-rich-quick schemes like, now offline.

Hype and deception.

Essentially schemes like this are listed on our site based on the way they promote themselves in their sales pitch. Instead of focussing on giving the reader an informed insight into what to expect when trying to make money online or the actual content of the product they are selling, they instead place the emphasis on promoting the hyped “financially free” lifestyle and implying they hold the shortcut or recipe for easy success, when neither is really true. This results in unrealistic and skewed expectations from those that sign up and often results in their failure to make any money at all from these programs.

If you’re looking to make money from the Internet then it is important to understand that sites like do not hold shortcuts or secrets that will guarantee you quick and easy financial freedom once you pay the registration fee. Making money online takes substantial and extensive effort, no matter what route you take, and results will not be instantaneous. If working from the Internet is something that interests you then we have a page that explains a few truths and how making money online really works. You can visit that section of our site here.

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