01/28/11 - Article No: 1188

scamX.org - Fake Product or Service

Filed under: Fake Product or Service

This curious site is pretending to be some kind of anti-scam site at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals it is using deceptive tactics to promote many dubious products via affiliate marketing.

It uses misleading links such as "[product name] SCAM" where upon being clicked actually reveal an article claiming the product is not a scam (the article is actually just a template used for all the products the site promotes with the respective product name subsituted in the relevant places). The site also prompts people to click a "secret link" (not secret, but an affiliate link) to the product where upon scamX.org (or the author) get paid if they make any sales.

After reviewing many of the products this site promotes, many are either scams or at the very least promoting dubious, unproven products, so our recommendation is to avoid this site and not take any of the information within it to be accurate.

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