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05/16/11 - Article No: 1289

Facebook Scam - Have You Been Tagged in a YouTube Video? - Facebook Scam

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Viral messages are circulating Facebook claiming that Facebook users have been tagged in a [YouTube] video and urges users to click a video thumbnail where apparently users would be able to see the video they have been tagged in.

Messages that are being circulated include -

Yo (name) why are you tagged in this video

omg! (name) why are you tagged in this vid

WTF!! (name) why are you tagged in this video

Upon clicking the accompanying Video thumbnail. Facebook users are taken to a Facebook page that tries to trick users into pasting Javascript into the URL box. This is an extremely dangerous practise that can lead to many problems for an Internet user - in this case it will lead to them posting the same message from their Facebook account and possibly leaving their computer open to a malware attack.

This is not the first time the bait of telling someone they have been tagged in a YouTube video has been used to trick Facebook users. We have reported both in 2009 and 2010 about both phishing attacks or malware attacks that have used such messages to lure victims into a trap. Such messages were mostly circulated through the FBMail facility and through wall posts, though this is the first threat we have seen that has the ability to address Facebook users by their first name, a startling indication of the progressive evolution such Facebook scams are adopting.

Never click on messages if they appear suspicious and always confirm with the friend that "sent" the message that they did indeed send it. Additionally, never paste JavaScript to your URL window.

If you did fall for this one, remove all posts that your account made as a result and warn your friends not to click on the post your account made, and run an up-to-date antivirus scan on your computer.

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