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05/16/11 - Article No: 1294

Facebook Dislike Button Messages - Facebook Scam

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Scammers are once again using the bait of a dislike button to bait Facebook users into passing on useless messages and opening their computers to possible malware attacks.

Facebook now has a dislike button! Click Enable Dislike Button to turn on the new feature!

Notice the extra option at the end of the post, "Enable Dislike Button"

Such messages have an option "Enable Dislike Button" at the end of the wallposts which leads to (in at least one instant) the site, though many sites are likely to be used in this threat.

Such sites try and bait users into pasting JavaScript into their URL window which is potentially very dangerous. Once users do this this they are opening their computer to malware attacks and circulating this message by posting it onto their friends walls.

Again, this is another attack similar to the Nicole Santos and the Prevent SPAM messages that circulated last week, in that it exploits a massive security loophole in the iPhone platform that allows scammers to append extra options at the end of wallposts that lead to external websites, and allows scammers to post messages onto the walls of all the friends of those effected. A security loophole that Facebook clearly have not got a handle on as this Facebook Dislike button message is currently circulating Facebook like wildfire.

There is no offical Facebook dislike button/link, and anything offering to provide it is almost certainly a scam, so Facebook users are once again strongly advised to ignore messages and links that claim you can obtain a dislike feature.

If you see the message, do not click the link. If you already have and have ran the javascript, warn your friends not to click the links of the posts made by your account, and run an up-to-date antivirus scan on your computer.

You can also read our blog post on this exploit here.

This specific viral SPAM message has triggered a confused and curious warning message, see below -

ATTENTION FACEBOOK USERS: If anyone posts a status to your wall saying anything about a dislike button, DO NOT CLICK IT ! It installs a virus called Virotrex which is used to redeem passwords and other sorts of information. RE-POST THIS TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE

The threats we have seen regarding the Facebook dislike button does not install a virus onto your computer (though when you execute JavaScript code in your URL bar, you do run the risk of opening your computer to such an attack, remember) and the assertion that this virus called Virotrex "redeems passwords" makes no sense. What does that even mean? The term Virotrex is an unknown name presumably made up by the person who started this warning hoax, and the warning is baseless and should not be circulated.

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