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Facebook Event purporting to offer free hoodies with the Facebook logo if users join a Facebook event.
Event, Pages or Groups like this that offer something providing you Like or join are nearly always hoaxes.

There is nothing in it for Facebook (or any other company) to offer freebies simply for joining an event. Additionally, events cannot determine who "invites their friends" to a specific event, so the assertion made on the Event page which states -

Invite all of your friends, if you skip this step, the system will not register you.

- is clearly just a lie designed to make sure people invite others which allows the event to increase in popularity. And increase in popularity it certainly has, because at the time of writing, over 200 Facebook users are getting invited to this group every second!

Additionally the event requests you "Like" a page called "Hey, I found your nose. It was in my business again." - for no apparent reason where users are told to leave their desired hoodie size and add the word "attending". Another obvious question that arises is that how do they know where to send the hoodies as the collective majority do not have their postal addresses available on the social networking site!

Since the creation of this group and its increasing popularity, the name has changed twice, both times raising the amount of "participants" needed to join before the hoodies are apparently sent out. The group has changed to -

First 750 000 participants Will Get A FREE Facebook Hoodie


First 1,000 000 participants Will Get A FREE Facebook Hoodie

Of course the creator of the group is simply looking for as many people to join as possible so will keep raising the so called limit of people who are needed to join until everyone catches on and leaves. If you read this, then the best advice is to simply uninvite yourself from the group, as there are no free hoodies on offer here. Just another time wasting exercise.

You can read our blog post on these types of hoaxes here.

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