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Hi guys, i need to ask you a huge favor. Please circulate this photo on your profiles and send it to your friends. We need to find these people and make them pay for the abuse and pain they are inflicting on innocent animals. We don`t know what country they are at, but facebook is worldwide, so let`s use the power of social media and friends to capture these abusers. Thank you in advance, i would be so grateful if you could do that for the little animals out there. Please notify the police and animal protection services as soon as you come accross some valid information

This photo along with many variations of messages have been circulating around Facebook lately. The varying messages implore Facebook users to pass on the photo in a bid to "catch" the two men in the photo.

The biggest question, of course is - is the photo genuine? The answer, sadly, is that it seems to be real. There are other much less popular photos that we have seen from the same incident, and we cannot see any evidence of digital manipulation.

However, we also know for certain is that the photo is far from recent. It has circulated - albeit less prolifically - across the Internet for many years, with evidence of the photos existence as far back as 2007.

At this point, this is all the definitive information we have. Extensive research provides speculative reports that the photo originated from Mexico, and the two men in the photo were both caught but being minors were not prosecuted, though we cannot confirm this.

Because the photo is so old however, circulating it in a bid to catch the pair would be futile. The photo was certainly taken more than 4-5 years ago and if the reports we have read on the Internet are true, the pair had been apprehended already anyway. Circulating such a message and photo will only cause distress in the people you send it to and sadly will not help the situation.
Why the photo has begun suddenly circulating prolifically is a mystery - presumably picked up by somebody under the false impression the photo was recent, which it is not.

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