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January 2013 sees another viral warning spread across Facebook. Details can be seen here.

(SECURITY WARNING, URGENT!. Are starting to get requests to my friends allegedly linked to an application called "my calendar, birthday". I received 30 requests from friends connected to this program. ATTENTION!. "My calendar, birthday" is a malicious program designed to extract data from each of their profiles. is very aggressive, just one click to start sending requests to each of your friends/contacts. IF a REQUEST COMES FROM my part, PLEASE just disregard it. ATTENTION PLEASE COPY AND PASTE TO WARN YOUR FRIENDS!)

This warning claims an application called "my calender, birthday" is malicious and can spread itself in one click.

Whilst users should always be wary of installing Facebook applications from unknown and untrusted sources, we were unable to find any application by this name. All applications with similar names have not shown themselves to be malicious.

Generally, malicious applications are removed by Facebook quickly meaning warnings like this become outdated yet continue to circulate. Facebook users are advised to only install reputable applications. If you notice that any application has posted messages from your account without your permission, then you should remove the application from the Privacy Settings section.

An application called "My Calender" may have been the intended target for this warning, as many claim it is sending out excessive amounts of invitations to install it. The application itself seems to be legitimate (if not a little redundant since Facebook itself provides reminders for upcoming birthdays), though many applications - including other legitimate apps such as Zoosk Dating - are often guilty of spamming Facebook users.
One thing users should be wary of is that this "My Calender" application does require access to a curiously high amount of information from your profile (what does a Calender application want with your photos?) and there is no information about the developer of the application.

If you are getting excessive invitations for the My Calender application, you can go to the My Calender Facebook page and click the Block Application link on the left hand side to stop any more invitations from reaching you.

We have not seen any evidence however that this particular application is malicious.

Social media and the Internet is rife with rumour, misinformation, propaganda and untruth. It is like this because people can be irresponsible with what information they choose to share.

Our community works hard to try and debunk and assist in as many cases as possible, as well as teach people how to share responsibly. We believe it is important that anyone who uses the Internet be able to identify false rumours and fully understands the possible consequences of spreading false information.

If you are interested in this, feel free to read our two-part blog. Part 1 deals with how to spot and debunk Internet rumours and Part 2 deals with the reasons why you should never circulate false information.

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