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FB family I need your help, so today while in Iraq shutting down one of the bases there ironically enough I stumbled upon this can of diet pepsi. Take a close look at the picture and tell me the first thought that comes to your mind. Mine and many other of my brother in arms was not a pleasant one so I just want to make sure we re not bias. If you see the same thing I did, I will never ever buy another Pepsi product again, this is an insult. Thank you for your feedback and participation.

PepsiCo have not been having a good run of things in relation to the social networking rumour mill recently. Only days after the rumour of the HIV virus in Pepsi cans died down comes these messages circulating the Internet like wildfire allegedly showing a Pepsi Can from Iraq that depicts [and many spectators claim celebrates] the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, since the image displayed on the can shows many tall buildings with a plane flying above. Two of the buildings appear much taller than the rest, supposedly representing the Twin Towers.

The image itself is completely genuine, and shows a Pepsi Can that is available in Dubai, and other countries including to US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq - the image was initially posted onto Facebook by one such soldier.

However, to say that the image depicts the 9/11 attacks is a rather wild conclusion.
The 9/11 attacks - commonly referred to as the worst day in modern American history - is permanently engraved on the minds of the people it effected. Thus the iconic images and videos of the planes hitting the towers [which TV news stations played continuously days, weeks and months after the disaster] have become so etched into the minds of the millions that an image on a Can with perhaps only a fleeting and accidental resemblance of those memories of the 9/11 terror attacks may indeed lead someone to make the false conclusion that the image on the Pepsi Can actually depicts the attack.
For some, even the mere image of a city skyline with a plane flying above can bring back memories of such a terrible day. When certain people see any picture of a tall building coupled with a plane it can bring back memories of September 11th because of those iconic images that were broadcast on television, but of course that is not to say the image in question somehow depicts the attack.
If you do see a resemblance in the artwork on the Can, worth remembering is that each person is different and some will inevitably associate certain images more strongly with imprinted memories than other people.

The image itself is most likely depicting the skyline of a city in the UAE (which explains the sloped angles at the top of the buildings - see here) The plane in the picture is clearly flying above the buildings, not inbetween them and the location of the snowflakes, which many believe to show impact points, is more than likely a mere coincidence.

Of course there are two sides to every story, and perhaps it could be argued that commissioning the image which does bear a small resemblance to such a tragic day in American history may have been an oversight by both the designer and the staff that commissioned the image, but to leap to the conclusion that this Pepsi Can design depicts the 9/11 terror attacks is a leap too far - at least in our own opinion.

Further claims that this Can design is actually celebrating the 9/11 attacks (such claims were not made in the original posting of this image) are completely unfounded.

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