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Before you start thinking all of your Facebook friends are suddenly moving abroad or have had their accounts compromised, be aware the latest "breast cancer awareness" campaign that has started to gain momentum on the social networking site involves the girls posting that they are moving away to a specific country (based on the month you were born) for a specific amount of months (based on the date you were born) - see below for example text -

Im going to live in (month you were born in [see below]) for (day you were born on) months.

January - Mexico
February - London
March - Miami
April - Dominican Republic
May - France
June - St. Petersburg
July - Austria
August - Germany
September - New York
October - Amsterdam
November - Las Vegas
December - Columbia

So someone who was born on the date we wrote this article (January 9th) would write -

I am going to Mexico for 9 months.

Just like previous campaigns, like the bra color update or the pregnancy craving/weeks update this is leading to confusion and various rumours circulating the site.

Social media and the Internet is rife with rumour, misinformation, propaganda and untruth. It is like this because people can be irresponsible with what information they choose to share.

Our community works hard to try and debunk and assist in as many cases as possible, as well as teach people how to share responsibly. We believe it is important that anyone who uses the Internet be able to identify false rumours and fully understands the possible consequences of spreading false information.

If you are interested in this, feel free to read our two-part blog. Part 1 deals with how to spot and debunk Internet rumours and Part 2 deals with the reasons why you should never circulate false information.

Additionally if you have fallen for this rumour or have Facebook friends that have, you can join our growing Facebook page here or sign up to our mailing list here.

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