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Did you know your sim card has its own name? Try this trick :
1st step: from your number take the last 3 digits of you phone number for example : 0123 456789, take 789 only
2nd step: type this number as shown in this example in the comment box below @*[789:0]
3rd step : remove the sign * as shown below and press enter in the Below comment box!
(it doesnt seem to work if your number has a 0 in the last 2 digits)

Every SIM CARD has a name. Try this:

1st step : from your mobile number number, take the last 3 numbers. Example-07800 969684, take "684"only

2nd step: Write this @*[684:0] in the comment box below, replacing the 3 numbers with your own.

3rd step: remove the * sign and press enter in the comment box

You Cell Phone has a name!

Take the last three digits of your number.
(Example ***-***-*618_
Type it like this: @[618:0]
in the comments below and hit enter.
Its name will appear!

Do you know that every SIM CARD has a name ??? Try this to know the name of yours. ... ... ... I want replies!!! .. *1st step: From your phone number, take the last 3 numbers, example: 0848917953, take "953" only. *2nd step: in the comment box, type @*[953:0] 3rd step : remove the sign * and press comment. Then see the miracle of science....
collected Aug 2012

This message which is circualting virally on Facebook claims that everyones SIM Card has a name, and entering the last 3 digits of your phone number, accompanied with some other symbols into a Facebook comment box will reveal that name.

Whilst the instructions do actually produce a seemingly random name appear in place of the inputted symbols and numbers, it is of course nothing to do with your SIM card. This would be illogical since many different phone numbers end in the same 3 digits and hence would produce the same name when inputted into a Facebook comment box. Additionally Facebook have no relationship with SIM card providers so there would be no obvious reason why this would work anyway.

What is actually occurring is some "shorthand" Facebook code. Every Facebook user and page are assigned a unique ID number. When that ID number is typed into a comment box along with the symbols described in the message it displays the name of that corresponding Facebook user/page. For example, typing in @[444:0] reveals the name of Facebook user with the ID number 444. The ID number, obviously, is not limited to 3 digits. For example typing in @[107149055980624:0] will bring up our page, since our pages unique ID is 107149055980624.

Facebook users with an ID number with only 3 digits would be some of the first to sign up for Facebook - most users we bought up were from Harvard, where Facebook was first available. You can verify this by typing in[idnumber] into the address bar, replacing idnumber with any number, e.g. 444 - this will bring up the profile of the user with the corresponding ID number.

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