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31 Jan 2012 - Article No: 1483. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

WARNING to all: If you get an Adobe Flash Player Update message that pops up when you click on Zynga games (mafia, farm, poker HC etc) - DO NOT RUN is a Trojan and it looks very authentic..!!!!

This warning is spreading across Facebook virally, and warns users of a Flash Update notice that pops-up when you "click on Zynga games".

When a Flash Update appears when you are on a legitimate website, such as Facebook, or any of the official websites belonging to Zynga (e.g. then the update will be safe. Zynga often request users update their Flash player versions as this is a common source of problems when using Zynga games. This includes reminders to delete the browser and flash cache, which can also solve problems. As long as the pop-up appears when you are on a legitimate site, the notice will be legitimate.

If you receive a notice to update your Flash player when you are on an untrusted website, then you may be seeing an attempt to scam you. Scam websites often download malware to a victims computer by disguising the malware as a Flash player update. What typically happens is that victims are sent malicious links (often on Facebook) that lead to malicious websites that try and trick victims into downloading the fake flash updates, often claiming it is required to watch a video.

It is not clear from the above warning exactly what is being described here. The message very vaguely states "when you click on Zynga games" which is not really helpful. The warning implies that the supposed fake update appears when playing (or about to play) official Zynga games, which means the warning is not true, and thus will only cause needless panic as Zynga users will be afraid to download perfectly safe (and required) Flash updates.

We do not recommend circulating this message as it is unclear and too vague to effectively serve as a warning. It will more likely cause needless panic and worry than be of any actual help.

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