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PLEASE READ! I was just told this by a friend of mine as to why we arent able to post....
Facebook and Zynga have been negotiating on Facebook Credits and the talks turned for the worst. In the negotiation process, Facebook shut off Zyngas feeds and threatened to shut down games. Zynga in the process threatened to completely leave Facebook and prepared to do so in the previous upcoming week. - Reported by TechCrunch - This explains why we couldnt see a post for mafia wars last night!!! COPY & PASTE

This warning, that is circulating Facebook, warns users of Zynga games (Farmville, Mafia Wars etc.) that Zynga is soon to leave Facebook, and attributes that fact to why certain people were unable to see posts regarding the Mafia Wars game.

The message is bogus. The relationship between Zynga and Facebook has certainly had its ups and downs, and this story seems to relate to a 2010 dispute between the two regarding Facebook Credits, where Zynga were unhappy about Facebook only allowing their Facebook Credits as the only payment platform that Zynga and others can use. At this time Zynga were making steps to prepare for a possible break-up with Facebook, including launching their popular games from their own websites and being more aggressive when it came to obtaining their users email addresses (so Zynga could contact their users outside of Facebook). TechCrunch, who are mentioned in the message, did cover this story, albeit back in 2010.

However, it seems these problems have been amended. Facebooks recent IPO (Initial Public Offering) filing to the SEC - where the social networking giant discloses many details and future plans for the company - describes a close affinity and relationship with Zynga, strongly implying the two companies will be working closely together for the forseeable future.

The message circulating is dated and untrue, and should not be circulated.

Social media and the Internet is rife with rumour, misinformation, propaganda and untruth. It is like this because people can be irresponsible with what information they choose to share.

Our community works hard to try and debunk and assist in as many cases as possible, as well as teach people how to share responsibly. We believe it is important that anyone who uses the Internet be able to identify false rumours and fully understands the possible consequences of spreading false information.

If you are interested in this, feel free to read our two-part blog. Part 1 deals with how to spot and debunk Internet rumours and Part 2 deals with the reasons why you should never circulate false information.

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