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16 Feb 2012 - Article No: 1497. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

If you have recently seen a video of a father taking a handgun to his daughters laptop (or rather Notebook computer, as we call them now) and emptying a full magazine into it, you may be wondering if the video is genuine.

Video can be seen here.

From all accounts, the 8 minute video is completely real - the video being shot (literally) as a result of the daughter posting an offensive post on Facebook to all of her friends, which ended up going viral.
The father, who has been named as Tommy Jordan, found the post his daughter made and apparently decided enough was enough and once finishing the video, uploaded it to YouTube and posted the link from his daughters (named Hannah) Facebook account - from where it went super viral, achieving over 24 million (thats right, million!) hits in a week.

The video has - inevitably - attracted lots of media coverage and caused much controversy, with many either strongly advocating Tommys extreme reaction, or damning it as poor and ineffective parenting.

Now, whilst this original video appears to be genuine, it has spawned many hoaxes from people trying to cash in on the viral sensation. Primarily a counter video that has been uploaded asserting to be further reaction from the daughter, Hannah. (screenshot below)

This video is fake. Firstly, the woman in it is clearly not 15 and does not have the correct accent. Additionally we have seen genuine photos of Hannah who does not even closely resemble the woman in this video.

Tommy Jordan has also announced from his Facebook profile, amongst other things -

Im sorry its come to this, but now we have impostors, duplicators, and hundreds of other issues to handle that we can`t avoid or handle.


its because some idiot(s) pretending to be me or my family members has been online chatting with people, uploading videos pretending to be me etc...

So thats means other than the information posted from Tommy Jordans Facebook or YouTube account, any other communication from the Jordan family is most likely fabricated.

Editors note: thanks MBK from the Bulldog Estate for making us aware of the "fake daughter" video

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