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WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ!!! A Lady got lured into a scam involving ugg boots from a bloke called Thomas Romanys Stuff. I have been asked by the police to make all groups that I am a member of to put out a warning to ALL women. He gets your address saying he will send you the Uggs, then sends you inboxes describing what you are wearing and details of your surroundings ect, that he couldnt possibly know about without him having visited your area. I had to call the police as he was threatening to break into my house. They have said that FEMALES need to be made aware and warnings put in place. THE POLICE HAVE HAD 2 REPORTS OF THIS TODAY ALONE. Please DO NOT GIVE YOUR ADDRESS OUT. He is believed to be quiet dangerous and the police are taking this matter very seriously. Could you also make sure this message is copy n pasted to other groups that are advertising items for sale. PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY WHEN DOING BUYS/SELLS! ALWAYS try to have a person at home or in car with you! If possible meet at LOCAL MC DONALDS store or service Station n do buys/sells to ENSURE YOUR SAFETY

This message that warns of man called Thomas Romany is circulating virally across Facebook. The message claims that Romany uses the sale of Ugg boots to obtain the addresses of women, which he then visits and then sends the women emails containing information about their location. The email goes on to assert that the woman in the email had to call the police after he tried to break in.

However there are some problems with this message

1. It is hard to ascertain whether the message was written by the "victim" or by a third person. The messages starts with "A Lady got lured..." and then states "I had to call the police...".

2. The message does not explain where this alleged scam took place making it extremely difficult to find any evidence or sources relating to the incident(s). An Internet search pulls up nothing relating to the story in the message.

3. What also goes unexplained is that if the police are aware of a man called Thomas Romany stalking women in such a manner - which according to the message they clearly are - then why is he still a threat and still able to continue doing this.

4. The message provides no evidence that it is true. This is obviously a problem since it is bad practice to circulate messages like this that fail to provide evidence that they are valid. However what is worse about this example is that it personally identifies an individual in the message, meaning that this could be a baseless attack on a person which can potentially cause them real world problems. Additionally, since the message does fail to provide any specific information, the message is also potentially detrimental to other people with the name Thomas Romany, of which there are likely many.

Messages like the one above are a nuisance because they implore readers to repost them but fail to include any city or even country where they are relevant, leading to the message inevitably being forwarded to people where the message would be completely irrelevant and useless, even if it were true. Additionally failing to provide a location makes the message difficult to verify, and we do not recommend passing on unverified messages, especially ones that identify individuals.

The message does provide some sound advice for people who sell and buy using local online marketplaces. It is not recommended to give out your personal address if you are buying products, and only if you have to if you are selling products. However despite this advice we do not recommend circulating this message. It doesn`t make much sense and we do not know if the story in the message is true at this time, and since the author of the message has decided not to include any time or location the message is essentially useless anyway. Any updates will be appended here.

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