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18 Feb 2012 - Article No: 1502. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

this baby has a birth deffect in which the heart is abnormally located, Called Ectopia Cordis. every like facebook will donate a dollar.

1 like = 1 dollar , like/share ♥.

Every Like/ Share Facebook
Will Donate $1

The latest photo in this sick trending hoax on Facebook comes in the guise of this image which shows a baby with a rare medical condition where the childs heart grows outside of the body.

Whilst we do not currently know the condition of the baby in the photo, Facebook WILL NOT donate money for sharing or liking this photo - which has probably been used without the knowledge or consent of the family of the child.

It is important NOT to like or share these photos. Past variants of this hoax have caused great distress to the famillies of the children shown in the photos. By spreading these pictures you are helping to circulate a sick, heartless hoax that will not help the child in the photo at all. If you do encounter any of these photos you should hit the Report Photo option to help Facebook get these photos taken down.

For more information on this hoax, read our blog post here and to help us remove the photos from Facebook click here.

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