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19 Feb 2012 - Article No: 1504. Filed under: Gambling System Scam

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This online gambling system asserts that it can make users rich by creating an algorithm that analyses random number generating software.

Of course this site is total nonsense. There is no Dr. James Hardy and there is no such thing as "algo-analysis technology". You cannot generate anything that analyses random number generation, because it is random!

Software and sites like this simply attempts to dupe naive or desparate people looking for money.

Note the quoted Dr. James Hardy has changed to Dr. James Peterson, bsc, PhD.

Gambling systems that purport to guarantee profits, even after a prolonged betting period are simply scams. They try and cover up fundamental flaws in Mathematics and probabilities to their systems with overtly complex equations and clever but misleading literature. There are no systems that can guarantee profits. There are only systems that can maximise a players chances in winning (yet are still subject to the 'house odds' over a prolonged period) and these are freely available on the Internet.

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