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ALL PARENTS PLEASE BE AWARE!! ...There is a drug going around the schools ...Its known as Strawberry Quick ...or strawberry meth looks like pop rocks kids eat & also smells like strawberries & also comes in other flavors like chocolate etc ... Please tell your children not to take candy from anyone even a class mate because this drug that looks like pop rocks is actually crystal meth rocked up with strawberry flavor & can kill them :`( ...PLEASE RE-POST!!! so all parents are aware of this ...Thank You! This is happening all over the country!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL THE CHILDREN!!

This warning, that alerts parents to the apparent use of strawberry flavoured Meth, has been circulating Facebook virally since the first part of 2012. However, according to, longer, more detailed email versions of this message can be found as far back as 2007.

As for the validity of the message, whilst the use of coloured, and perhaps flavoured Meth has been encountered in the United States, there is no evidence to suggest that its distribution is prolific or widespread which the viral success of this message implies, or that flavoured Meth has been used to target children.

The DEA have reported finding pink hued examples of methamphetamine in many states across the US, though whether any of these examples have included any kind of flavouring is a matter of controversy. A police officer from North Carolina claimed that, after holding the suspect substance in his hand that it "smells just like strawberries" and officers in Arkansas reported finding methamphetamine along with strawberry drink flavourings.

However the assertion that Meth has been both dyed pink and had strawberry flavouring added to in order to appeal to school children is baseless, as we (and and who have also investigated the claims) have found no verifiable sources or cases to support that claim. In fact that very claim has been a popular hoax during the last few years, even duping police forces in the UK on at least one occasion.

In reality, any strawberry versions of methamphetamine are more than likely sold to disguise the drugs naturally bitter taste, as opposed to some kind of attempt to make the drug appeal to school children.

This message has taken on several variants, including one mentioning by name and another serving as a Halloween "warning". However despite these messages having circulated since 2007, there have been no confirmed reports of such a flavoured drug being actively sold to school children, and the lack of any credible reports detailing such a substance implies that if strawberry flavoured versions of methamphetamine do exist (or have existed) then it has most likely only happened rarely, in isolated cases.

Whilst the moral cautionary tale of "don`t take candy from strangers" is certainly sound, it should not be demonstrated using an inaccurate story such as this, which has clearly been designed to needlessly panic parents as opposed to accurately presenting the correct information. Email and social media users are advised not to circulate this message.

And of course, never take candy from strangers - and teach your kids that moral as well.

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