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2 Mar 2012 - Article No: 1513. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Facebook will Require Social Security Number for Member Log In
Today, Facebook announced a new procedure to address the recent wave of spam that has plagued the website. Starting April 2nd, users will be required to enter their social security numbers to log in to their Facebook accounts.

This message that is circulating Facebook and other Internet forums claims that to combat spam, Facebook will be requesting users social security numbers from April 2nd in order for users to continue using the social networking site.

The message is entirely false. The link in the messages being spread across Facebook actually link to the original article on the story, which is from a satrical website called freewoodpost.com, where upon a brief inspection, is clearly a satrical website full of stories that are not intended to be taken seriously. However a minority of misguided Facebook users - with perhaps more loyalty to their friends than common sense - have taken the article to be actual news and began to spread the "news" to their social networking contacts, leading to an outbreak of the fabricated story.

Of course, after one analyses the message logically, and concludes that -
1. not all countries use social security numbers,
2. most members will not be willing to part with that information, meaning Facebook would lose a significant portion of its user base,
3. and is would be unethical, possibly illegal to force users to give up that sensitive information to use a social networking service
- then it is of course obvious that the news article is not news at all.

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