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3/4/2012 -- Asteroid to impact Earth in 11 months?! February 2013 -- Asteroid 2012 DA14 thanks to [name removed] for getting this out on youtube: Quote the article:

Rumours are flying around the Internet discussing an apparent possible collision between Earth and an asteroid named DA14, in Feburary 2013.

Confusion appears to have risen after several somewhat confusing articles appeared on the Internet after the discovery of the asteroid on its current orbit in Feburary. Many recently written articles on the asteroid seem to have distorted the facts to make them the story appear more appealing, as opposed to accurately convey the facts, something that often happens with stories of this nature.

Whilst many rumours are talking about a collison between DA14 and Earth in 2013, according to the NASA space agency there is no such chance. According to the latest information on the NASA website, DA14 has been assigned a Torino scale value of 0, meaning that in the forseeable (or calculable) future, there is no chance of a collision, or the chance is so small as to be effectively a 0% chance.

This has also been backed up by the Discover Magazine website.

It is true, however, that during Feburary 2013, the DA14 asteroid will come very close to Earth, around 27,000km, which does consitute somewhat of a "near-miss", but most definitely a miss regardless.

As for the future of the asteroid, that is harder to say. Current calculations suggest another close encounter will occur in 2020, but the chances of a collision are still extremely slim.

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