Raquel Critelli, Kelly Hargrove Facebook Hacker Warning - Facebook Fake Hacker Alert

6 Mar 2012 - Article No: 1515. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Fake Hacker Alert

W A R N I N G :::: DO NOT ADD *RAQUEL CRITELLI*, KELLY HARGROVE, ALSO IF SOMEBODY CALLED *KELLY HARGROVE* ADDS YOU, DON’T ACCEPT… IT IS A VIRUS. TELL EVERYBODY, BECAUSE IF SOMEBODY ON YOUR LIST ADDS THEM, YOU GET THE VIRUS TOO. **COPY AND PASTE AND PLEASE RE POST* THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY FACEBOOK AND SNOPES Raquel Critelli is in fact Kelly Hargroves account .. it was just confirmed ...it is a hacker account.!!! Pass this on people, spread the warnings please !!!!!!!! repost to your family and friends

Another silly, near-identical Facebook hacker warning, that just like many other variants that warn users of phantom Facebook hackers, (like this one, or this one,) this warning is totally baseless and illogical.

Not only is it technically unfeasable for accepting a friend on Facebook to be dangerous, the warnings all beg the question that if an account has been confirmed "as a hacker account" then why would Facebook not delete that account?

These messages are illogical, baseless and silly rumours designed only to cause needless worry by panicking naive Facebook users into spreading the lie.

For more information on Hacker friend request warnings, click here.

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