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VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: Nice people are getting banned from facebook and it could happen to you, too - the reason is because when you get a friend request, if you click the "not now" button, you will automatically recieve a request from Facebook saying, "Do you know this person?" if you click no, that person will automatically be suspended from group chats, blocked from sending friend request...s, and other nasty things for 7-30 days, and if it happens enough - permanently. So please.. if you get an unwanted friend request, just ignore it. If you accidentally click the "not now" button, then ignore the request from facebook asking if you know them - do not respond to it. Please pass this around so we can protect our friends (and ourselves!). Thanks!

This message that circulates Facebook asserts that when delaying a friend request by clicking “Not Now” and then telling Facebook via the popup that you do not know the person sending the request outside of Facebook, that this then leads to the person sending the friend request to face account restrictions and even possible account termination.

The message is describing a genuine Facebook protective feature that prevents spam Facebook accounts from sending out hundreds, even thousands of random friend requests. If an account sends out multiple friend requests that are repeatedly rejected or delayed by the request recipient (who also states that they do not know the request sender) then that account can indeed face account restrictions, even a ban, under the assumption that only a spam account will send multiple requests to strangers.

However the assertion that rejecting a friend request (and selecting No when asked if you know the person) only once will cause an account to face restrictions is exaggerated. Accounts would need multiple requests rejected to face such restrictions.

It is generally not recommended to become friends with people on Facebook that you do not know, because after all they could be scammers, predators or other criminals, and therefore this protective measure is in place.
Of course many Facebook users do add people they do not know, more commonly those who use Facebook apps and games. In which case it is recommended to select “Yes” when asked if you know a user outside of Facebook to prevent these account restrictions from occurring.

However if a Facebook profile does add you, and you do not know the person who owns the profile at all, then, despite what the message above states, you should select No when asked if you know the account holder. This helps Facebook detect Facebook spam profiles.

Whilst Facebook is a social site you should not add people that you do not know without warning because general safety advice would be to reject such requests. If you do want to add someone to Facebook that you do not know personally then forewarn that person, either by posting in a mutal group or page or sending them a message explaining your reasons for wanting them on your friends list. This whay you do not run the risk of having friend requests rejected.

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