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Facebook will give you $1 for each share. to this girls family.. so plz share this picture and help this girl.....

PLZ read this...its very important for someone...
Its not always about being funny or making pplz laugh...we do wanna help others....so we r sharing this picture with U people....If u really care If u really wanna do something good then PLZ PLZ HELP this Girl......Facebook Will give $1 for every share it gets from this link....so PLZ if u wanna help this kid SHARE this picture and Help her...

This photo that is circulating virally across Facebook that shows a young girl with a swollen stomach asserts that sharing it will induce donations from Facebook.

However just like many other photos that circulate Facebook at breakneck speed, this photo is just a hoax.
The girl and her condition in the photo are real. She is Hu Yunxing and is suffering from Budd-Chiari Syndrome. Her story can be seen here. According to a more recent article Hu Yunxing recovered from her condition after a series of surgeries.

However the assertion that Facebook will donate money for sharing the photo is completely false, and the photo is being shared across Facebook without the permission of the girls family. The photo is just another that gets shared unethically across Facebook under the false assertion that sharing will cause Facebook to donate money.

If you see the photo, do not share it or like it. Instead, report the photo to help Facebook remove it.

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