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ATTN: FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE TIMELINE PROFILE AND WANT TO GET RID OF IT HERES WHAT YOU DO....Users have to use GOOGLE CHROME:go to TOOLS, click EXTENSIONS, then click bottom link- MORE EXTENSIONS, type in TIMELINE REMOVE, a post on right of page says- REMOVE TIMELINE? CLICK IT, (YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE IT) then REFRESH FACEBOOK & you should have the Old FB Wall Back!! Pass it on

This message that purports to offer a way of removing the Facebook timeline is circulating the social networking site.

However, just like many other rumours and "opportunities" asserting to remove the Facebook timeline, this message does not tell the whole story.
In fact this message is one of many that claims users can remove the Facebook timeline by installing Internet browser extensions.
As we noted in a recent blog post what this message actually does is not instruct readers on how to remove the timeline, rather is describes how users can install an extension with alters the way the users Internet browser displays a Facebook page. (variants are available for most of the popular Internet browsers, not just Chrome)
There are currently several popular extensions available that allow a Facebook user to alter the way their Facebook page looks. However the extensions can often be buggy, especially when Facebook updates. Also, it does not remove the timeline. It only effects the way Facebook looks on the computer and browser on which the extension is installed. Anyone else who visits your profile will still see the timeline.
Some of these extensions work by forcing your browser to act like an old browser which is not supported by Facebook, such as Internet Explorer 7. These extensions can cause problems when visiting other websites since many sites no longer provide support for older browsers.

Generally, we do not recommend installing these extensions. Facebook Timeline is here to stay and its best to get used to the new layout since one would have to install the extensions on any and all computers and browsers they use Facebook on. The message quoted above does not remove the timeline. It only effects the way your Internet browser displays a webpage. There is NO way to remove the Facebook timeline.

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