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1 Apr 2012 - Article No: 1530. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

This dude actually won and hes planin on splitting a little with anyone who shares his update sooo im sharing.

This image which has been circuating the site claims that one of last Fridays lucky mega millions lottery winner is planning on sharing his fortune with anyone who shares a photo of him holding the winning lottery ticket.

One popular instance of the photo, which accumulated over 100,000 shares before being taken down, was uploaded from a user in South Carolina.

Of course the story is pure fabrication, fooling thousands of Facebook users into sharing a hoax with their friends. Likely the "What have I got to lose" mindset took over for many here, which would be acceptable if it was not for the fact that you would be spreading a pointless, time wasting hoax to all of your Facebook friends.

It is unlikely that anyone would share their lottery winnings in such a manner. This is why the story is false.
1. Many instances of this photo have appeared on the Internet. An instance of a photo occurs everytime someone re-uploads the photo to Facebook. Sharing a photo does not create a new instance. The original author of the photo will own the original instance of the photo, yet all the instances of the photo we have seen are clearly from Facebook users that are not the alleged person in the photo, thus even if the story were true, you would be sharing the wrong instance of the photo and the "lottery winner" would not even see your share.
2. The ticket states it was purchased from California, but none of the winning tickets was purchased in that state.
3. The numbers in the photo, especially the number 46, show signs of digital manipulation.
4. If the story were true, the "winner" would likely have to contact many hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, which needless to say would be extremely time consuming, and often impossible if the Facebook user does not accept messages from users they have not "friended" on Facebook.

April Fools, any one?

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