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This is a friend of mines 2 month old niece Lylah Rose! We took her to the merced er cause she was having diarreah they told me she was dehydrated and need an IV. They were trying to find a vein and put a light on her palm to see through her hand. Where they tried 14 times to get an iv in and blew 3 veins!!!! They held her hand on the light for over 8 min where my neice was SCREAAAMING the whole time!!!! When my sister finally demanded them to stop and send them to valley childrens! When they finally lifted up her hand the Dr or nurse seen the burn and wrapped her hand up with gause!! Failing to even let my sister know they had burned her!! We realized when we got to Valley childrens she had a HUGE bubble on the palm of her hand that had popped from the tape being placed on it!! My sis took her to the Dr. today to get it checked out & the Dr. said these are second degree burns and is sending my sis to a burn specialist where they are going to have to remove the dead and dying skin from her hand!!! :( I have contacted the local newspaper, the local news station who are ALL denying to write a story about what happened! I can`t let this slide! Please help share our story! We can be her voice!! I don`t want them to be able to do this to anyone else!!
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WILL YOU HELP US KMPH FOX 26 and get justice for lylah and expose the truth? THIS IS NEWS THAT MATTERS. Merced Hospital is trying to cover this up. If this isnt newsworthy I dont know what is!

This message that apparently outlines what 2 month old Lylah Rose had to endure at a hospital is currently circulating virally across Facebook.

The message asserts to tell the story of Lylah who was admitted to Merced Hospital in California with diarrhea and - upon being told she was dehydrated - was attempted to be placed on an IV drip, unsuccessfully. During the attempts to place the IV the message claims 3 veins were "blown" and 14 attempts were made. During this time the childs hand suffered 2nd degree burns after being placed on a lamp in order to "see through the hand". The later burn injuries were apparently discovered after the child was moved - upon the parents request - to another hospital.

At this stage the exact details contained in the message are unverified, and according to a Facebook Page set up for Lylah, called “Being the voice for the 2 month old” which is apparently run by the family of Lylah, the case is currently under investigation. According to the same Facebook page the above message was written by a relative of the child moments after the ordeal.

At this point there is little reason to circulate the above message. Since the messages creation and continued circulation the pre-mentioned Facebook page have stated the family have contacted a lawyer regarding the issue and should refrain from speaking to others about the case, which is typical advice given to families when an investigation is being [or will be] conducted. This means the circulation of this message could have a negative effect on any potential investigation.
Facebook users are also strongly advised only to circulate messages that they can verify as correct and accurate. This message tells only one side to an emotionally-charged story. Facebook users should wait for the facts before waging any online hate campaign against the hospital and/or staff of the hospital in question.

Also pointless is the continued angered requests for local media outlets to report the story. If any media outlets do report this story, they should do so only after a correct, unbiased and proper investigation which may take some time. If we see any such reports, we will post them here.

KMPH Fox 26, a station that has received many such requests have also stated via their Facebook page –

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us. In order for us to do this story, we must be able to speak with the family and the hospital. We have contacted both. The family referred us to an attorney who will not discuss the case and the hospital will not comment due to patient protection laws. We do appreciate your concern and thank you for taking the time to share this story with us.

And also

...Such things can libel someone. We are very willing to investigate stories, but we cant allow posts to say things until we can prove what the poster writes...

Internet users are advised that legitimate media outlets cannot report on stories if they do not have the facts and since neither the hospital or family involved are willing to discuss the case there is little media outlets can do at this point. Facebook users are advised to stop contacting media outlets requesting they report this story, as well as stop circulating the original message.

Please be aware that this article – including previous versions – does not call this case a “scam” or “hoax” or “fake”. We are simply requesting Facebook users wait until the facts present themselves before launching some kind of Internet campaign against a hospital and its medial staff.

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