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11 Apr 2012 - Article No: 1534. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

FACEBOOKERS WARNING!!!!! PLEASE NOTE!!! If someone sends you a link with the words "Tour of new Facebook", DO NOT OPEN! Or You can say goodbye to your page. It is a HACKER who steals your information or removes you from your own Page. Copy and spread it!!!

This warning circulating Facebook tries to alert Facebookers to a threat that involves victims being sent links with the words "Tour of the new Facebook" and that such links cause the victim to lose their Facebook page.

Yet again this is another classic example of an utterly useless attempt at a warning that is more inaccurate, ambigious and obscure than it is helpful.
The message, like earlier variants, vaguely seems to be describing a phishing attack where victims are sent links to external sites which trick a user into inputting their Facebook credentials into, which are then duly stolen.
However the wording in the message makes it essentially useless. Firstly the message does not make it clear what it means by "removes you from your own Page". Does "page" refer to the Facebook users profile, or does it refer to Facebook Pages that a user has set up from their account, in which case what happens if a user does not have any Facebook pages?
Secondly, the message typically opts to omit any useful information on how the scam actually works. How does "the hacker" steal your Facebook page? Is it a phishing attack? Does the link "Tour the new Facebook" link to external websites? What does the message mean when it says "steals your information"? Why does the message say the hacker will "steal your information OR remove you from your own page"? Can the "hacker" not do both? What happens when you click the link?

Whilst clicking suspicious links that lead to external websites is not advised, warnings like this are totally useless and only spread confusion and misinformation. The warning was written by someone with no apparent knowledge of Internet or Facebook security and it seems designed only to panic, alarm and ultimately confuse Facebook users. We strongly recommend not circlating messages like this.

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