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Disgusting behavior: Please read and forward for me....status shared from a friend posted today:- Today I am asking everyone to boycott SUBWAY SEAFORD @ [] A friend of a friend went in with her autistic son who started making animal noises in the shop, she told them he was autistic and they started laughing at him and whispering to each other. My friend rang and put in a complaint to the Manager who told her MAYBE YOUR CHILD SHOULDNT COME TO A VENUE LIKE THIS, when she said pardon he said YOU SHOULD CONSIDER WHERE YOU TAKE HIM. I ask everyone to ring speak with NICK the Manager in question [] and tell him you are part of the autism community and will be boycotting this shop for discriminating against autism!!

This message purports that staff at the Subway store in Seaford acted negatively towards a boy with autism who was making animal noises whilst in the store. The message also asserts that the manager told the boys parent that perhaps the boy should not enter "a venue like this".

Whilst it appears an incident did take place it is still strongly advised not to circulate such messages. Despite the messages plea of a simple boycott, such messages inevitably spur other behaviour such as innocent staff members being threatened with physical violence, which according to a statement by Subway has already occurred -

We are taking the report of a recent event at the Seaford Subway® Restaurant, as highlighted through Facebook, very seriously. The described event as posted on Facebook would be unacceptable from our perspective and one which we believe Australian society would not accept. It is important however to ensure that only accurate information is being communicated and that facts are not being distorted or otherwise exaggerated. The negativity being directed to this store and their staff has become very serious with reports of innocent staff members being threatened with physical violence by people emotionally responding to Facebook posts without a detailed understanding.

We expect ALL customers to be treated with total respect and feel welcomed into any store around Australia at all times. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and have policies and training programs in place to ensure our franchisees strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service. We will always continue to do this.

We have conducted a review of this event, including interviewing staff from this store at length and there was no intent by staff to upset the customer or their family. Staff at this store are very distressed by the suggestion that they would deliberately respond to a customer in such a negative manner.

The Seaford® Restaurant manager has spoken with the customer concerned to discuss the complaint and to make it clear that the customer and their family are always welcome to visit their restaurant at all times. The customer has also indicated that they wish the matter to be closed.

Whilst we understand people’s reaction to these comments, we certainly hope that it does not continue to be used to generate further hateful sentiments directed at individuals, but rather used as an opportunity to further publicise the need for compassion and understanding in these matters by us all.

Sadly many Facebook users are willing to act upon such unverified messages in ways that are never acceptable, which is why circulating such messages is never advised.

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