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7 May 2012 - Article No: 1554. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

the child had lost all d 4 limbs in school bus accident and facebook will pay 1$ for every share... so please share it...

This photo is being shared prolifically on Facebook and asserts that the child in the photo lost all of his limbs in a school bus accident and Facebook will donate 1 dollar for every share the photo receives, presumably to help the child recover.

However this is utter nonsense, and just one example of a completely immoral and heartless hoax that has been trending on Facebook for some time now.

The child in the photo is Harley Lane. However he lost his limbs not because of a school bus accident, rather due to Meningitis. His story can be read here.

Also totally false is the assertion that Facebook will donate money based on the number of shares a photo gets. Facebook, nor any legitimate charity, organisation or other entity, will donate money based on the number of shares a photo gets. You can read our blog post on the heartless hoax here.

Social networkers are advised that such photos are typically used without the knowledge or consent of the parents and can be potentially upsetting to them, and thus should not be circulated under any circumstances. In fact in many cases parents have tried (largely unsucessfully, at the time of writing) to force Facebook to remove such photos. Readers are advised to report such photos to get them removed from Facebook.

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