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16 May 2012 - Article No: 1556. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

ALERT ALERT ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ DO NOT IGNORE. This is for every that owns a page on facebook!!! There is a hacker going around,they email your page saying that they are 1D and would like to admin your page for a while.DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK OR ANYTHING ELSE THEY SEND.If you do they automatically get onto your page and you probably won`t get it back.It happened to the page One Direction Infection.They nearly have 300,000 likes and now all their hard work could be gone.SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL. *** All facebook pages share this. *** GET THIS MESSAGE GOING AROUND EVERYONE!! Please pass this to all the pages you admin or own.

This message is being passed around Facebook. However the message is certainly inaccurate.

The message seems to imply that hackers are stealing Facebook pages at will. However this is not possible. What is likely to have occured in this case is that the owner of a "One Direction" fan page (they are a British boy band) gave someone admin access to someone claiming to be in the band (1D) who then took over the page, presumably by removing the other admins (Facebook claims the original Page creator cannot be removed as admin, however many Page admins have disputed this).
Either this or the page owner was duped by a phishing attack whereas they were sent a link to an external website which is designed to trick the page owner into entering their Facebook password and thus unwittingly handing it over to the scammer, and with it access to their Facebook pages.

Following simple advice and common sense is enough to prevent this from happening. Do not give admin rights to people you do not know and never enter your Facebook password into a website that does not belong to facebook.com

This message is vague and inaccurate and fails to describe the supposed attack in any real detail, and thus should not be circulated.

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