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Hi everyone : I was just hoping I could get your help with something. Some friends of a friend have found out that their 4 year old son, Charlie, is suffering from a terminal brain tumour, and has only a few months to live. The family’s top priority is to make Charlie’s last days as memorable as possible. One of the things Charlie absolutely loves is receiving post, and he always rushes out to collect the post each morning. As such, his parents have started a postcard campaign, and are asking as many people as possible to send a postcard to Charlie, with just a simple, cheerful message on it. (Please do not mention his illness or include get well wishes.) If you are able to do this, it would really make a difference for Charlie and would be a great help and support for his parents during this difficult time.
Any postcards should be sent to
editors note: we havc removed the address

Thank you very much. I’m really hoping this request will mean there are a few more postcards arriving at Charlies door x
a friend had this posted on her wall,take a moment and make a little boy smile for just a little while x PLZ REPOST ON YOUR OWN WALLS LETS GET AS MANY POSTCARDS SENT AS POSSIBLE MANY THANKS X

This message is circulating virally across Facebook. The message urges readers to send a postcard to a boy called Charlie who is suffering from a terminal brain tumour. The message also provides the address where the postcards should be sent.

Whilst Charlie and his unfortunate condition are both real, the message should no longer be circulated. Steve Williamson, an admin for the website has contacted the family and reports back -

Whilst the case of Charlie is true, the family have stated his target has been reached. This started out as a little thing amongst family members and friends for Charlie to collect around 500 cards where he would then use a map and pins to note where he had received them from. Somehow this has now landed on Facebook and has now gone global. It has also reached other areas of the Internet and Zoe has asked that NO MORE CARDS BE SENT. It has got to the stage now where the number of phone calls she is having to take in relation to this are becoming a nuisance and would like this to stop. Given that this story has gone so viral already and a Google search brings up their contact details, Zoe is very close to considering changing the number, which she does not want to do as the costs and implications involved would be potentially detrimental to the family run business.

Charlie is very appreciative of the cards already received but asks that no further cards be sent as he and the family now feel that any further correspondence will take up too much of their remaining time they have with Charlie, where they would rather spend it with him without having to sift through sackfuls of mail. Today alone they received 500 cards.

Therefore we do not recommend circulating the message nor sending any postcards to the address.

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