Nestle-Gerber Baby Food Recall Warning - Facebook Rumour

22 May 2012 - Article No: 1560. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

URGENT!!! For all parents, Nestle is asking for everyone to return all GERBER BANANA BABY FOOD expiring 2012 because they may contain glass. Please copy and paste for all babies safety. Batch code 7613033089 73, even if you`re not a parent please copy - you could save a baby`s life

This message claiming that Nestle is asking everyone to return Gerber Banana Baby food because it may contain glass is untrue.

There was a product recall that affected only French products, and this was relevant only to the P`tit Pots product. The recall was issued back in mid-2011 and thus the vast majority of the products have now been returned or used.

However this recall has nothing to do with the Gerber company which is a US based subsidiary of Nestle, thus the message is inaccurate and essentially useless.

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