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23 May 2012 - Article No: 1561. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

Please be advised that this article pertains purely to the quoted messages below and does not deal with assertions of what doorstaff at Ma Kellys may have said.
Please also read the update at the end of the article.

While in Blackpool at the weekend, 18 of us went to go into Ma Kellys bar, there were 3 young soldiers with us and they would not allow them on the premises saying they did not accept British army..what a bloody cheek. My friends husband confronted them about this and was instantly barred..before he had even got his foot through the door.To any of my friends considering visiting Blackpool...stay away from that shithole!! please can everyone leave comments on the clubs website

DISCRIMINATION AGAINST SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL IN BLACKPOOL !!! I felt the need to re-post this. Please spread the word. A point of interest to all out there. a group of army mums 18 in total along with 3 of their sons currently serving. where on a weekend break in Blackpool,whilst there they visited Ma Kelly`s bar. the 3 young soldiers were refused entrance. they were told by door staff that " THEY DID NOT ACCEPT BRITISH ARMY" one of the older adults confronted them and was instantly barred before he even got his foot through the door. ... so to all out there give Ma Kelly`s a miss as service men are not welcome and are barred.

These messages are being circulated virally across Facebook and claim that Ma Kellys - the name of 4 cabaret bars in the UK seaside resort of Blackpool - does not allow entry to British soldiers, and this was reflected by a recent encounter where 3 soldiers were told rejected at the door because they were soldiers. Further assertions claim that the soldiers were told “No Army here” as the reason for their rejection.

Point 1: --3 soldiers were rejected from Ma Kellys.--
The incident described in the message has derived from a real incident where 3 soldiers accompanied by 15 others were not allowed into Ma Kellys bar, a cabaret bar in Blackpool. Ma Kellys claimed that the rejection was down to an issue with the ID presented by the soldiers which was Forces “MoD 90” ID. This type of identification is accepted by the Home Office as legitimate, however many local licensing councils do not provide active support for the identification and marketing initiatives such as Challenge21 and Challenge25 do not include the ID in their marketing information, meaning many licensed establishments do not accept it and many others are not even aware of it. A statement to this effect from Ma Kellys can be seen below.


The incident regarding armed forces personnel refused entry has been blown out of all proportions. Ma Kellys have a strict ID policy and conform to all regulations set down by licensing authorities. The incident in question was when people were asked for ID by the door staff and were handed their forces ID card as proof.
The only forms of photographic ID that can be accepted is either a Driving License or a current passport. Forces ID is not accepted unfortunately.
Ma Kellys always try to be fair to each and every customer and it is unfortunate that in this case that it was blown out of proportions. Ma Kellys have many forces customers and regularly organise chatities for UK Armed forces charities.

Point 2: --The soldiers were actually rejected because Ma Kellys has a No-Armed-forces policy--
Further assertions claim that the soldiers were rejected because members of the Armed Forces are not allowed entry. This allegation is false. Ma Kellys and other sources have confirmed that the venue is regularly frequented by members of the Armed Forces and have been involved with raising money for charities associated with the British Army. Any blanket no-Armed-Services policy would have likely already come to light if they had one.

Point 3: --In this case the soldiers were rejected after a member of the door staff stated “No Army here”--
This claim remains unverified. Many of the group involved have circulated messages via social networking site Facebook claiming the door staff told the group “No Army here.” Presently, Ma Kellys have not directly responded to this claim. [update - Ma Kellys have since claimed their door staff said "No Army ID here."]

UPDATE: [from the editor]
Ma Kellys do not have an on-going ban on members of the Armed Services. With exception to this alleged isolated incident there is no evidence to support any assertions that the owner or management of Ma Kellys have any prejudice towards the Armed Services or their members or families. Whilst we have been unable to determine if a member of the door staff did or did not say what was claimed, we implore Facebook users not to continue with this online hate campaign. Hate campaigns incite violence. During the course of our investigation into this matter we have seen sickening comments made by various Facebook users [who we will not name] - some that have stated they wish Ma Kellys be burnt to the ground, others have stated that they wish the establishment be "blown up by the taliban"[sic]. Many others have threatened or hinted at violence directed towards the staff at Ma Kellys.

These comments are vile, regardless of what a doorman may or may not have said. Online hate campaigns incite violence, it is that simple. Pursuing this matter in its highly emotive, non-objective nature will put members of staff (who likely will have nothing to do with this incident at all) in very real danger from both verbal and physical attack.

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